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6 Benefits of Using Bearded Dragon Hammocks

A bearded dragon hammock is a helpful accessory in a terrarium or tanks. Discover more about this essential resting material for the reptile pets here.

Bearded dragon hammocks are essential accessories in the artificial habitats of these reptile pets. This kind of portable resting place facilitates the optimum wellness of the lizards.

We encourage bearded dragon owners, especially the new ones, to include a hammock when setting up the tank where their reptile pet will reside and spend most of its time. After all, having this kind of bed made of comfortable materials effectively aids in the overall existence of their home companion.

In this discussion, we explained several advantages that bearded dragon hammocks offer to both owners and their lizard pets. We also provided some of the conditions that make a reptile resting material option worth purchasing.

6 Reasons Why Bearded Dragon Hammocks Are Necessary for Terrariums

We encourage our readers, who are owners or keepers of bearded dragons, especially beginners, to buy a hammock. Placing this functional accessory in the bearded dragon tank gives many benefits that can promote their lizard pet’s optimal health for long.

The following reasons tell bearded dragon keepers the importance of having the hammock in their beloved reptile pet’s terrarium:

1. The bearded dragon tank becomes more comfortable.

Setting up the bearded dragon tank involves putting important accessories on it. These significant and useful items promote the reptile pet’s overall wellness. 

Among these handy accessories are the feeders, hangout decor or hideout decor big rock, a UV lamp, and a basking lamp. Additionally, bearded dragon keepers add other essential items, such as a reptile carpet, a hangout decor, or a hide hole for bearded dragons.

We highly suggest adding the bearded dragon hammock to this list of useful tank accessories. This helpful terrarium material is certainly a welcome addition to the lizard’s enclosure, further facilitating its convenience in its artificial habitat. 

2. The bearded dragon becomes fit and healthy.

Using bearded dragon hammocks involves the lizard moving around its terrarium and climbing towards the handy resting material. The reptile pet then engages in physical exercises and consequently stays healthy and fit, keeping diseases at bay.

Indeed, bearded dragon hammocks prevent these reptile pets from getting fat. They keep these domesticated animals away from potential health risks.

3. Lizard relaxation is within reach.

Bearded dragons can feel stressed out, especially if they live in a transparent glass tank that keeps them exposed to their owners or keepers’ watchful eyes 24/7. With the hammocks installed, bearded dragons can hide and get some of their needed privacy.

We want to highlight the fact that these reptile pets do need some time to themselves. The concept of “me time” also applies to them, just like in humans. 

Bearded dragon hammocks enable these lizards to climb, hide, and de-stress. Furthermore, since bearded dragons love basking in the light provided by UV lamps, soaking up the necessary rays that they need to stay healthy, the hammock facilitates them to feel comfortable. 

4. The hammock encourages more bonding time between the owner and his pet.

Bearded dragon hammocks are versatile. Keepers of the reptile pets can use this resting material both outside and inside the tank where the lizards live, including in the owner or keeper’s car.

The hammock permits the bearded dragon keeper and his lizard to spend more meaningful and enjoyable time together, whether at home, on the road, or in other outdoor locations. This benefit justifies bearded dragon hammocks as an ideal accessory.

5. Bearded dragons do not get bored.

The bearded dragon hammocks assist in preventing the reptile pets from feeling dull. After all, keepers or owners can install these essential accessories using various configurations and at different heights.

Therefore, the domesticated pets can relish a new and interesting environment. 

6. The hammock offers shedding and itching reliefs.

Bearded dragons usually rub their skin against the hammock when it is shedding time. The tank accessory is helpful because it makes these reptile pets feel better from itching.

A bearded dragon hammock tremendously aids in the shedding process. These six grounds are strong enough to convince owners to avail of bearded dragon hammocks. 

Before doing so, we highly recommend that they learn what makes one hammock option they find in the market the right choice and would give them great value for their hard-earned money.

Bearded dragon hammock

7 Characteristics of the Right Hammock to Purchase

First-time bearded dragon owners may not have a rough idea about what makes a bearded dragon hammock option worth their money’s value. 

If the following ideal attributes of the terrarium accessory are present in a buyer’s choice, then we can say that such a hammock is the right one to purchase.


Bearded dragon hammocks worthy of buying are those that come in various sizes, such as medium and large, and shapes like rectangle and triangle. One example of a decent size is 16” X 16″ X 22″.

With this beneficial feature, young and adult bearded dragons can feel comfortable as their hammock fits well into their enclosure. 


We recommend hammock buyers consider options that feature free accessories. They definitely give good value for money.

These kinds of hammock choices usually come with strong suction cups and a feeding dish or feeder already. They also comprise other helpful items such as leather strings, bendable jungle vines, several hooks, and bendable vine with leaves.

Some bearded dragon hammock options feature sticky hooks for all enclosure types, including glass, wood, acrylic, and plastic. 


We recommend a hammock that is made of machine-washable material. Choices made of natural seagrass and nylon mesh are comfortable and soft for bearded dragons to lie on, bask, and hide.

Bearded dragon hammock

Plus, they are ideal for most reptiles. Cozy bearded dragon hammocks also prevent the lizards’ nails and feet from getting hooked in the mesh. 


The best bearded dragon hammocks work perfectly in most kinds of terrariums or tanks. They include enclosures made of wood, plastic, glass, and acrylic.


Fully grown adult bearded dragons can weigh up to 500 grams or more. Hence, a bearded dragon hammock is worth buying if it is sturdy. 

Its design is not flimsy and makes it impossible for its hooks to fall off. Bearded dragon owners or keepers can then have peace of mind and the assurance that their bearded dragon is safe from falling. 


Bearded dragon hammocks that are not very thick are easy to set up. We suggest buyers purchase this kind of choice in the market. 

Additionally, the best hammocks do not get subjected to molds or mildew. They are also fine with suction cups, enabling these items to stick well on the terrarium.

Either suction cups or adhesive hooks may come with one hammock choice sold in the market. We want to clarify that adhesive hooks can replace suction cups. 

The latter are merely effective for acrylic, glass, or plastic enclosures. Plus, suction cups can struggle with the heat, losing their grip.

This scenario can be hazardous to the bearded dragon, which can fall together with the resting accessory. On the other hand, adhesive hooks permit bearded dragon keepers to add the hammock to a wooden enclosure. 


Bearded dragon owners usually employ a mild detergent or reptile cleaner when cleansing their lizard pet’s tank. They are well aware and mindful that cleanliness is significant in their home companion’s overall wellness.

Meanwhile, bearded dragon hammocks are worth the value of a reptile pet keeper’s money if it is effortless to clean, similar to the terrarium where it will be installed. We recommend buying this option if it can simply be thrown into the washing machine or requires handwashing or hand-cleaning, which are easy to do. 

Therefore, bearded dragon owners can easily fight the risk of hazardous pests and pathogens with the hammock that facilitates straightforward and thorough disinfection. 

We want to highlight the fact that the abovementioned seven criteria can aid bearded dragon hammock buyers when shopping. Keeping these conditions in mind can surely help these reptile pet keepers choose the right item to purchase.

(C) Hammocks as Essential Indoor and Outdoor Accessory

Bearded dragon hammocks are, indeed, important components of the reptile pet’s artificial habitats. They are versatile, and reptile pet owners can use these welcome resting materials outside or inside the terrarium, making them handy accessories.

Bearded dragon hammocks, which can be made from handwoven seaweed or hand-sewn, are perfect as a basking area. After all, the lizard pets love to sit under the heat lamps during the day. 

They can lie on their hammock comfortably, relaxing, and soaking up the essential heat and rays emitted by the UV lamp essential for their optimum health. 

Additionally, these tank accessories offer bearded dragons the privacy and de-stressing benefit they require. We highly recommend having bearded dragon hammocks since reptile pet keepers can bond with their lizards more.

These useful materials provide a cozy and protective place where the reptile pet can relax during a road trip, especially if it loves traveling with its keeper. Bearded dragon hammocks are the ideal way to travel with these home companions.

They can also prevent the lizard pets from running around their car, distracting their owners from the road, and getting caught under their keeper’s feet.

Bearded dragons of all ages will happily clamber onto their hammock to lie down and relax. It is the perfect place for them to play, calm down, and live a healthy life.