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How To Get Rid of Baby Copperhead Snakes 5+ Best Tips to keep you safe!

The first step to getting rid of baby copperhead snakes is to find out how they got into your house in the first place. You can do this by checking for holes around the foundation and seal them up with caulk or steel wool. Next, you should make sure that there are no small openings where they might be able to enter again in the future. If you have a shed, you should also check it for any possible ways that snakes could enter your home from there.

Here’s a list of things you can do to get rid of Baby copperhead snakes

There are about 8000 bites from these bad boys per year. Its important to know what to look for because a bite can be fatal if not cared for properly.

The people that are the most at risk are young kids and elderly. Their immune systems are usually weaker than adults

If you know that you live in an area that copperhead snakes frequent you should know that most of the time people get bitten because they accidentally step on them. they can be hard to see so its easy to miss them.

What does a Baby Copperhead Snake look like?

first its really important to know what they look like so you can identify them.

baby copperhead snake
baby copperhead snake
Baby Copper head snake yellow Tip
Baby Copper head snake yellow Tip

Look at their tail

If you’re unsure of what to look for IMMEDIATELY look at their tail. They have a yellow tip. This is a clear sign of a baby copperhead snake. As they age their tails change color to dark brown.

They have vertical pupils

as seen in the above picture you will see their eyes are a vertical

Baby Copperhead pupils (courtesy of
Baby Copperhead pupils (courtesy of

one more thing about these snakes is they are small! in this youtube video you will see how small they can be

Pattern and markings

They have this kind of pattern on them

what does a baby copperhead look like? THIS
what does a baby copperhead look like? THIS

the markings are pretty neat looking. Baby Copperhead snakes have a pattern that repeats over its body and its dark brown in color. it makes it easy for them to camouflage into dirt/muddy ground.

They are hard to see in the grass as well.

Facial pits

Snakes have these pits in their face for detecting other animals. They actually detect heat. Snakes have pretty terrible eyesight so they need extra ways to detect prey.

If you have a pet snake you can actually warm up the food which is usually frozen thawed mice or rats and the snakes will think its prey and they begin to hunt. They use these pits to sense that heat.

The pits are located in front of their eyes where their snout would be.

Thick bodies

Baby Copperhead snakes are pretty small snakes really. They’re only about 8 to 10 inches long, sometimes smaller and sometimes larger

Adult copperheads will be a lot larger in comparison. They can grow up to 36 inches (3 feet) in length.

The reason why baby copperheads themselves are so dangerous is because they are still venomous and can hurt you but they are much harder to see.

They will have thick but short bodies so pay close attention to that

How to remove baby copperhead snakes

Baby Copperhead

Snake Hook

what do you do when you see one of these? the YouTube video above will help you a lot too. He uses a hook to pick up the snake. it will jump at you to try to bite you if you reach too close so be careful.

Its important to know if you live in an area that frequents Copperhead snakes. If that is the case you should get yourself a snake hook. At the end of the hook it will be folded on the end so you can get underneath them and move them around.

make sure your hook is long enough so you are far away enough to not get bitten. use your common sense for this. Obviously don’t use something that is so short you will get bitten.

i would feel comfortable doing this with a hook that is at least 3 feet in length. This will give you enough control and a good distance.

Get a tub or bucket ready and put the snake inside. Take it away to a safe place where nobody is around and dump it there.

snake hooks look like this

Snake hook from amazon

The best thing you can use is a grab arm or grab stick

one of these is awesome for control

when you’re trying to pick up a snake they can easily slither off and its hard to hook them back on. With one of these you’re going to be able to grab it and put it in a bucket or just take it somewhere right away without the bucket

you will have much more control with one of these

The last thing you can use is a shovel. this works just fine if you’re in control. This can get the job done pretty quickly.

What to look out for when trying to get rid of the snake

Snake stress

Its important to know that when snakes are stressed out and scared they will coil up. Snakes usually do things out of self defense really so it trying to bite you isnt necessarily out of anger or something like that, they are literally scared for their lives. We are much bigger than them.

Snakes will do many things when they are afraid

They will hiss at you

They will try to bite you. Sometimes they will lunge or jump at you

They will coil up

They will shake their tail. Kind of like a rattlesnake

if you see any of this kind of behavior just back up and take your time. They are again more afraid of you.

How to stop copperhead Snakes from nesting in your yard

Snakes do not like to be exposed. Its quite common amongst most snakes. Even when people are trying to get pet snakes it is advised to have a lot of different pieces of Decor in the enclosure. They love to hide and stay hidden from sight.

Make sure to mow your lawns often. Tall grass will make them feel safe.

Remember snakes like to hide from exposure. They like humid places. If your yard has a lot of places to hide then you should think about moving things around or getting rid of places to hide

Look for holes in your yard. They can easily hide from the sun in holes. Your garden is going to be a perfect place for them to hide as well. They have all the shade in the world there because they can move around your garden as necessary to stay cool.

snakes thermoregulate which means like will move to areas so they can warm up or cool down

Do your best to expose as much of your yard to the sun as possible.


When you get bitten by one of these guys it can send you to the hospital. Sometimes you don’t have to but its much better to be safe than sorry.

The best thing you can do is just not go anywhere near them however sometimes its impossible. If you know what to look for you can keep yourself and your family safe from these snakes.

The baby ones are scary because they are harder to see. They can easily be missed while mowing the lawn or doing gardening.

Keep your yard clutter free and exposed and the odds of one of these snakes being in your yard is low. Baby copperhead snakes are dangerous so be careful!

If by chance you are looking for more information on owning a snake or anything like that head over here