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Bearded Dragon Guide: How to Choose a Bearded Dragon Playpen?

Are you planning to purchase a bearded dragon playpen? What are the things to consider before buying? Join us in this special article to find out!


Great for outdoor safety and indoor training, a bearded dragon playpen will surely let your little pet enjoy the thrill of exercise wherever you want! Plus, they can help your pet become comfortable around your place. 

However, do you know how to choose the best bearded dragon playpen? If not, no worries! We’ve got you covered. Fortunately, our team researched and tested a wide variety of playpens to recommend in this comprehensive guide. Hence, if you are a first-time bearded owner or playpen user, you can surely benefit from our guide below. 

bearded dragon playpen

We ensured that this topic would cover everything you need to know about the most recommended playpen for a bearded dragon, including some tips on keeping your beardie safe and happy. 

We understand that spending too much time in a glass tank can be very boring. You may even notice your cute little pet scratching the tank’s walls from time to time, meaning he is bored and unhappy. Of course, as bearded dragon owners, we need to prioritize their happiness. You may be asking, “Where can my beardie play?” or “Where can my bearded dragon play safely?”. 

Much like dogs and cats, our little reptiles can also benefit from playpens, especially if they have plenty of toys. If you fail to provide your beardie with a happy and entertaining life, then you are surely missing out on an awesome way to build a strong bond with your pet! In case you didn’t know, it can also improve the quality of his life.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to give a daily dose of multivitamin supplement to your beardie.

So, how can we choose the correct bearded dragon playpen? Please stick with us until the end to know.

How to Choose a Bearded Dragon Playpen?

bearded dragon playpen

Since bearded dragons are native to Australia’s desert weather, they can surely enjoy a playpen in good sunlight. But the problem is bearded dragons are small and vulnerable, meaning it is quite easy for them to get lost and other animals to attack them. 

Fortunately, we have got the solution to this problem. Playpen! With this product, we can let our bearded dragons play anywhere they want because we can guarantee that they will stay safe and secured while enjoying the outside environment with you. 

Pro Tip: Bring some food and water inside the playpen with these feeders.

Here are the most crucial factors you need to consider when purchasing a playpen for your little pet.

  • Bearded dragon’s size
    • A playpen is a great alternative to your bearded dragon’s tank since it provides exceptional freedom of movement while guaranteeing safety. So, before purchasing a playpen, make sure that it has enough size to allow your little pet to roam around. Since bearded dragons are small, we are confident that you can find a big enough playpen for them. 
    • It is also good to measure the playpen’s exact size to know whether you can set it up conveniently at your place. By taking a few minutes to measure, you can surely decrease the odds of needing to make a return. 
    • Although bearded dragons do not require lots of exercises, unlike dogs, they still need to walk and play every day to exercise their muscles. If you didn’t know, regular exercise could help your beardie’s muscles, joints, and immune system become stronger. It is better than lying in his tank all day. 
    • Besides that, a playpen encourages our pets to develop confidence and independence. These reptiles need to learn that they do not need to be attached to you 24/7.
bearded dragon playpen
  • Location
    • Where will you use the playpen? Outdoors? Indoors? Both? If indoors, make sure to choose an item that has the floor covering to prevent damage from food or water. If outdoor, of course, you need to consider a covered playpen to keep your pet away from other animals. If you travel frequently, you need to buy a foldable playpen for convenience.

Pro Tip: Add this hide hole for bearded dragons to your pet’s playpen so your pet can have more fun.

What Are the Problems of Other Bearded Dragon Playpens?

bearded dragon playpen

A bearded dragon playpen is a portable enclosure that gives security and a large space for your pet to play in. Usually, these items are versatile enough for both indoors and outdoors. However, a bearded dragon playpen is not a replacement for a tank. Our pets only need it for security from other creatures outside their home. 

So, what are the common problem we encounter with traditional bearded dragons? 

The most irritating problem is the playpen’s meshed sides. We all know that bearded dragons are great climbers. Hence, if you are busy with other activities and chores, you will not notice that your pet has already escaped from the playpen. 

Another problem is when other animals, especially birds, start to attack the playpen. Therefore, we highly recommend a covered playpen; consider a dog playpen instead.


We highly recommend covered bearded dragon playpens because of security. Covered playpens are closed from all sides and top, ensuring that our pets cannot escape and are safe from all sides. Besides that, the solid materials do not allow the little reptiles to climb. So, we don’t have to worry that they might escape when we are not looking.

Nowadays, most bearded dragons come with a car bag and can be set up within seconds. Some of them also include travel tote, making them suitable and portable for trips. Since these products require no tools for setup, bearded dragon playpens are the best enclosures to allow your beardie to enjoy the outside world. If you purchased a pen without flooring, you could add a plastic mat or a reptile carpet to guard your pet’s feet against outdoor mess and bacteria.

Moreover, playpens are great for occasional exercise routines and introducing a new dragon into your home without causing territorial disputes with your other pets. To make it more stimulating, you can add a couple of small toys for him to play with. Your little reptile can play in a small swimming pool on very hot days to enjoy a short bath. However, always supervise your beardie while swimming.

Pro Tip: After playing, give your pet a treat like these dubia roaches.