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Bearded Dragon Leg Twitch: Is this normal??

You may be wondering why your bearded dragon’s leg might be twitching and if its normal.

This article will be short but i think its necessary for people to know what to do in this situation

Bearded dragon beginners page. Check out this page because you would be surpsised how much people will miss when they first take their beardie home

Bearded Dragon Leg Twitch

Now bearded dragons need to have a good amount of calcium in their diet and if they are twitching it could mean they are low in calcium

You should check to see if any other limbs are twitching. If they have other limbs twitching it could be a case of MBD or metabolic bone disease

You need to also check this list of things if your bearded dragon leg twitches

  • what has the bearded dragons diet been looking like lately? have you been feeding them too much fruit ?
  • What kind of lighting do you use? are you using a reputable brand?
  • How old is your bearded dragon?
  • What kind of substrate do you have? Is the enclosure clean all the time?
  • Are they breathing heavy? Check to see if you hear cracking and wheezing
  • Have they been drinking enough water?
  • Do you supplement with calcium powder? do you dust any food with it?
  • The enclosure needs to have the right temperature gradient. Does it look anything like the picutre below?
Bearded dragon temperature gradient

Now you need to make sure they are getting the right amount of nutrients for them to stay healthy

Double check their diet and make sure they’re getting enough greens

Check out this guide for their diet needs

Is my bearded dragon dying?

If you’re worried about it take them to the vet. i know it can be pricey and if teverything above checks out okay and they continue to shake just bring them in

your vet can perform a blood analysis on them to see whats wrong. They can usually find out pretty quickly what the issue is.

Don’t just ignore bearded dragon leg twitches because it can be serious.