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Bearded Dragon Teeth and How To Care For Them (SOLVED)

Bearded Dragon teeth 100 percent need to be taken care of. Now i know what you might be thinking because you might not even know that bearded dragons even have teeth

I was actually completely surprised by the fact that Bearded dragons need a teeth cleaning. I think many people assume that’s just something that humans do.

Small Tip

Bearded dragons usually only get one set of teeth

What Causes Dental issues in Bearded Dragon Teeth

You will notice when your bearded dragon teeth are not doing so well because they will look inflamed and red. Black and brown spots as well

Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums and you will see that because the more bacteria that is in the mouth the body will start trying to fight that bacteria from the inside causing inflammation. If that persists for too long than periodontal disease can happen and your bearded dragon can lose its teeth

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Bearded dragon teeth
Bearded Dragon Teeth

Poor Diet Choices

the first thing you need to be aware of when feeding your bearded dragon. Anything that has too much sugar. Sounds a lot like humans

Softer food like worms and soft fruit will be the biggest culprits of dental disease in bearded dragons teeth

Fruit has a lot of natural sugar in it and since its soft it can easily get stuck between the teeth causing it to fester throughout the days and weeks

Foods to stay away from too often

  • Superworms
  • waxworms
  • mealworms
  • most fruits

Use more of these kinds of foods

  • crickets
  • beetles
  • dubia roaches
  • carrots

harder foods will toughen the teeth and gums. Its going to be harder for that food to get stuck in between the teeth where bacteria can build up


The infection part is sort of the same as above where you need to be aware of the inflammation.

however infection is simply bacteria being allowed to fester and then it can lead to the bloodsteam which can cause your bearded dragon to become sick

some people think its a lot easier to think of mouth health that way. This same thing goes for humans as well because we ourselves need to keep our mouths clean in order to prevent sickness from happening


This is when they might be in captivity with another bearded dragon or reptile and they get hit in the mouth causing a tooth to become loose

sometimes people will drop their bearded dragon and they might hit their mouth on whatever they land on

Just be careful when handling your bearded dragon because they are much more fragile than us and will lose their teeth a lot easier if drop from a height

Your vet might have to fix their teeth just to make sure they are good if this happens

Keep a close eye on your bearded dragon teeth

once in a while i would highly suggest taking a good look at their teeth

If you spot and brown or black spots i would contact your vet about getting their mouth checked out

again its like humans

if we have spots in our mouth that are not doing so well the dentist can tell and check it out like your vet can for your bearded dragons teeth


stress is something most owners completely overlook but bringing home your bearded dragon will be something that is stressful

black beards and puffing up is a sign of stress

Signs that your bearded dragons teeth are infected

  • Bleeding of the mouth
  • swelling
  • red gums (inflammation)
  • receded gums
  • loss of appetite
  • lost teeth
  • loose teeth
  • brown or black teeth
  • lethargic behavior

If you see this at any time go straight to the vet because infection can be around the corner

infection should obviously be avoided at all costs because they could get sick

Should you clean Bearded Dragon Teeth?

The easiest way to think about this is in the sense of bacteria overgrowth and trying to stop it

If you’re completely new to Bearded Dragon ownership check out this article

food itself has bacteria in it and eating it will result in bacteria getting stuck in the teeth. The problem comes in just letting bacteria fester. If bacteria sits too long it will create problems just like humans

Plaque is the huge issue and should be removed at least 2 times a week in order to maintain healthy Bearded Dragon Teeth

so you don’t want to use an actual toothbrush when you’re trying to clean your bearded dragons teeth

You should actually use a cotton swab with chlorhexidine can be used to fight mouth bacteria bit you will need to talk to your vet first.

Feeding them hard foods like carrots will help them naturally clean their teeth and get rid of the soft food buildups

Smart Tip

You might get bit… so if you’re going to hold your bearded dragons mouth open to clean them just be aware they might not like it and might nip at you

Stick to giving them harder foods to naturally clean their teeth. If infection or disease has already started then i would talk to your vet about the chlorhexidine solution.

chlorhexidine is this solution that kills most things that could be of issue to your bearded dragon teeth like

  • bacteria
  • fungus
  • viruses

your vet will give you the right stuff to use to clean their mouths

it is made at a safe concentration to help with the safety of the bearded dragon

The best way to handle this is to talk to your vet about options but you can prevent this much easier. prevention is always better

Preventing bearded dragon teeth issues

Feed them hard foods!

now i know you love your bearded dragon and want to feed them the stuff you eat.

Its awesome that bearded dragons can eat a wide variety of food that humans eat too

Now the best way to prevent Bearded Dragon Teeth issues are

Here is a calcium supplement i use for my bearded dragon

Things you should know / FAQ’s

As bearded dragons age their teeth will just naturally wear down so if your bearded dragon is older and their teeth seem to be regressing in shape then age could be a factor