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Bearded Dragon Toys: 11 Toys to Make Your Bearded Dragon Happy

What are the best bearded dragon toys? Click this exclusive article to know the top eleven items that will surely make your pet feel happy and active.


Did you know that bearded dragons love playing? These laid-back lizards are not only lovely companions but also know how to enjoy their lives. Making your beardie happy isn’t that hard. If you don’t know yet, this docile and friendly reptile enjoys playing in the water. It is an ideal place for them to have some fun while staying hydrated. 

As a bearded dragon owner, you should know how to keep your reptile happy, healthy, and entertained. You may be asking, “what do my bearded dragon like? What bearded dragon toys should I give?” Well, on this topic, you’ll find all the answers to your questions. Trust us when we say toys are a must-buy for beardies. 

What are the Best Enrichment Activities for Bearded Dragons?

These scaly friends don’t need anything fancy and expensive to be happy. All you need to bring is clean water and some simple accessories, such as a leash and harness, that will keep him safe. If you want to stimulate your beardie’s minds and enrich their lives, here are some of the great ideas that you need to try.


Keep in mind that your beardie may or may not like this since some of them do not enjoy taking a bath. However, we think that swimming in a kiddie pool can be very entertaining and enjoyable for bearded dragons, especially during a warm sunny day. To make it more fun, you can place a rock or block where they can bask in and climb on.

If you don’t have a kiddie pool, you can fill up your bathtub. However, try to avoid too cold or hot water. The room temperature is good enough. 

In swimming, you need to stay on the scene so you can monitor everything. If you didn’t know, your bearded dragon can become distressed or get tired if swimming isn’t their cup of tea.

Outdoor walking

Aside from being the best-bearded dragon exercise, taking your pet for a walk is an excellent way to let your little beardie explore new areas. All you need to do is attach a leash and harness to safely let it roam the yard, grass field, or park. We highly suggest this activity to those who often stay in their tank every day.

Most owners don’t know that bearded dragons love natural sunlight and heat. Also, they can absorb the much-needed vitamin D. Once you take your pet outside for a walk, it will surely love observing the surroundings while running around. 

However, here are some of the things to be mindful of:

Make sure that the weather is nice. The temperature outside should be at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit and that the humidity is below 60.

Make sure that the leash and harness have no damages to ensure your pet’s security while running.

Be mindful of other animals outside. It would be best if you would remember that other animals are also strolling outside. Since bearded dragons are prey, they will panic if they sense something running or flying over them, so keep your pet away from birds, dogs, and cats.

Watch what they eat. Don’t let your bearded dragon eat insects since some are poisonous and some carry parasites. Plus, not all grass is safe since some contain pesticides, harmful to our pet’s health.

Sleeping outside of their home

Some beardie owners may not notice it, but letting your pet where they want to sleep can give them a boost of energy, confidence, and enrichment, especially in making choices for themselves instead of us. Usually, bearded dragons only sleep in one particular spot outside their homes. However, if you decide to do this, don’t forget to place a blanket in its sleeping area. It is not advisable to let your scaly friend in bed with you since you might roll on them accidentally.

What are the best 11 bearded dragon toys?

Much like dogs and cats, our bearded dragons also love playing with toys. If you are still not providing some to your pet, you are missing out on an awesome way to stimulate some fun. If you don’t know yet, high-quality bearded dragon toys can improve our pets’ quality of life

Think of it this way – your bearded dragons spend most of their crazy time alone in their tank or shelter. What would you feel if you were in the same situation? Bored, right? On the brighter side, plenty of bearded dragon toys are now available. You can buy some of them so your pet can enjoy spending the majority of its day in its home even when you are unavailable.

Below are the top eleven awesome toy suggestions that will surely provide entertainment for all bearded dragons.

  • Ball

A ball’s simplicity and versatility make it the topmost recommended toy for bearded dragons. If you want to keep your scaly friend active and happy, giving it a ball can be an excellent choice. Purchasing a tiny ball for your pet won’t cost you much money. So, this toy is a bargain for anyone looking for a cheap cure for their beardie’s boredom.

  • Cat Wand

Cat wands are great teaser toys for bearded dragons. Usually, these items feature a dangling object at the end of the long wand. Once you wave it in front of your pet, they will surely chase it. Like cats, reptiles like bearded dragons will do everything they can to grab an object. Therefore, you can also use this toy to exercise your buddy. To make playtime more enjoyable, give some treats, such as mealworms, for every session.

  • Hammock

A hammock can also be a great toy that can make your beardie’s home a little cozier. Most hammocks specifically for reptiles offer comfortable materials to keep our scaly babies relaxed and at ease. 

  • Cat Tunnel

Since bearded dragons love confined spaces, a cat tunnel is a great way to make your pet feel safe and comfortable. However, aside from being a comfortable space, a cat tunnel can also promote exercise and enrichment since it has distinct paths where your scaly friend can roam.

  • Hideout

Are you looking for a comfortable sleeping spot for your buddy? If yes, then you should consider buying a tiny hideout or hide hole for a bearded dragon. This product is usually made with plywood to provide a pleasant and cozy environment for reptiles. However, before purchasing, make sure that it will seamlessly fit into your pet’s tank. Once you have it, this hideout will surely become your pet’s favorite place to go, especially during brumation.

  • Crinkle Ball

If you want to activate your bearded dragon’s auditory sense, a crinkle ball is a solution. This toy offers mental stimulation for cats, but it is also effective among reptiles. 

Owners will only crinkle the ball inside their hands to use this toy while keeping it near a bearded dragon. This trick will surely make your pet go crazy about the crinkling sound. Aside from its confusing noise, the bright and colorful schemes will make it more appealing to your pet.

  • Feeder Ball

Since feeding is a daily activity of our pets, why not make it more exciting? Usually, a feeder ball uses non-toxic and durable materials that will not cause any harm to a reptile’s health. Not only will it infuse some fun into your beardie’s mealtime, but unique feeders can also provide some mental stimulation and fun in one go. 

  • Laser Pointer

Laser pointer may be a weird addition to our collection, but hear us out. This amazing toy can surely make any bearded dragon crazy. Since it produces a green laser, your pet will perceive it as an insect. After a while, you will see your beardie running around, trying to capture the elusive little green light. However, it would be best to use this from time to time since your pet might get used to it.

In purchasing a laser pointer, make sure to choose the one that has a bright and sharp green laser. This way, your bearded dragon can still see it well during daylight. But it would be best if you never aimed this toy at any reflective surface or person.

  • Floatie

Are you searching for a way to make bath time less stressful and more fun for your bearded dragon? Why not let them relax on cute little floaties? This toy is recommended for reptiles since it can give peace of mind to beardies who don’t like taking a bath.

  • Reptile Lounger

Since bearded dragons love climbing, a reptile lounger or a hangout décor would be an excellent toy gift for them. Any beardie will love to mosey up this lounge without ruining its home environment and aesthetic. 

  • Roach Toy Wand

Roach toy is another toy wand that will surely make your pet go nuts. It’s fun and hilarious watching your dragon chasing after a plastic roach. To make playtime more enjoyable, you can provide treats, such as dubia roaches, after every play session. This way, your pet will learn to distinguish edibles from plastic ones.


We all know that it can get boring if things get too routine or our little pets spend too much time in their tanks. Therefore, planning for an adventure with your pet can be a fun idea. Regardless if it’s summer or wintertime, you and your beardie can still have the best time outdoors. 

Like other animals, bearded dragons need entertainment and enrichment from time to time and letting them play with toys is an excellent way to provide it. Besides that, you can build a strong bond between you and your pet if you know how to keep it happy and entertained.