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Bearded Dragon White Poop EXPLAINED! Best 5 things to look for

Bearded Dragons are awesome little reptiles

I’ve owned one for a few years now and there are things I wish I knew about when I first got him that I think others should know about

Bearded dragon white poop is one of them

when I first saw this I thought something was wrong with him and brought him to the vet without even looking online which is automatically going to make you smarter than me

panicking is the worst thing you can do and I paid the expensive vet bill to pay for it

Bearded dragon poop can tell you a whole lot about the health of your beardie

it can tell you if you’re taking in too much calcium or when they’ve had too much protein

let’s get into the article so I can save you time

I did another article like this but it goes into more depth about the other kinds of bearded dragon poop

Bearded dragon White Poop

the white stuff in bearded dragon poop is called URATE

bearded dragons don’t actually pee

so if you’re wondering Do bearded dragons Pee the answer is no

that Urate is the so-called pee coming out with the poop

Bearded dragon white poop

if you do see that the whole poop is full of white that can mean that your bearded dragon is over hydrated

when you see your bearded dragon’s poop it should have some URATE in it naturally. Bearded dragons tend to not drink a whole lot of water because they’re used to dry climates

Bearded dragons actually originate from Australia. The hot climate is what they’re used to.

What Should Urate Look Like?

Urate should look firm and not too runny

if your bearded dragon is over hydrated they will have runny urate

if it hasn’t had enough water the poop will be hard and firm. It will have this hard chalk look to it. Kind of like whiteboard chalk

if your bearded dragon isn’t hydrated enough then make sure you soak them in water and mist them a little more often

this will help hydrate them. They might not even drink too much water even though there’s a lot of water there available to them

What You Need To Look For as an owner

Bearded dragon poop is the ultimate tell-all about its health

You will see many different kinds of poop and they all mean different things

Yellow bearded Dragon Poop

If you see yellow bearded dragon poop that means they are taking in too much Calcium (affiliate Link for calcium supplements)

calcium supplements are key for a bearded dragons health and preventing Metabolic bone disease

dial it back a little bit and see if it makes a change

Bloody bearded dragon Poop

Bloody poop coming from your bearded dragon can be scary because you might not know why it’s happening

However, it could be from impaction or parasites

It also could mean there is some bleeding going on in the digestive tract which needs to be fixed asap.

impaction is when stuff gets stuck in their intestinal tract.

That hard material is going to rub against their insides and can create irritation and inflammation

this can cause some blood to come out in their poop

You might also see red because they ate some raspberries as well

Green Bearded Dragon Poop

If you see some green in their poop its usually caused from them eating some leafy green vegetables

if your bearded dragon has had too much then just dial it back to what i do which is this

65% greens


then i have one week per month where they will eat fruit and then i take them off the fruit

Runny Bearded Dragon Poop

Runny bearded dragon poop is when they’re over hydrated

the worst part about this is the fact that they can lose so much water so quickly so when this happens just dail back the water a little bit and then they will be properly hydrated

overhydration can happen because of baths too so be careful with that

Black Bearded dragon poop

Black bearded dragon poop happens because of too much protein

protein like

  • dubia roaches
  • crickets
  • worms

When a bearded dragon is young they will need a lot of protein because they are rapidly growing

Baby bearded dragons will eat a lot of crickets and dubia roaches every day

one thing you can do to prevent impaction is to make sure you have a really good substrate that isn’t loose

this is especially important because loose substrate can be fatal if impaction isn’t dealt with quickly

how to make your bearded dragon poop if they are constipated

A good way to make your bearded dragon poop is to give them a bath in warm water and rub their belly

this will help them pass a hard poop

Sometimes they’re not going to like the sensation of you rubbing against their belly so just let them soak in the water

make sure the water isn’t too deep because they actually can drown pretty easily

add a little bit more soft food into their diet like some fruits and see if things change

If you’re worried about impaction bring them to your vet if you can’t get them to pass the impaction

How long can a bearded dragon go without pooping

Bearded dragons can go about a week without pooping when they’re adults

juveniles will go about 3 days without pooping give or take

Baby bearded dragons will poop almost daily

Bearded dragons will not poop during brumation

Brumation is when bearded dragons go into a sort of hibernation state.

They won’t eat or drink much during this period

parasites are going to be the one major cause of digestive issues as well as impaction

When your bearded dragon has parasites you will notice some odd behaviour from them and ill have a whole article about it for you

but they will be lethargic and lazy. they might refuse food, and might not want to be held much

if your bearded dragon is going on three weeks or so you should be concerned. This could be a parasite or constipation

If you’re ever unsure you should bring your beardie to the vet to be on the safe side

Summary, FAQ’s and things you might not know

Bearded Dragon white poop isn’t a bad thing at all. Most of the time you will see it because its just Urate.

Beadred dragons don’t actually pee and that’s what that white urate is.

Becoming more educated is the most important thing to keeping your bearded dragon happy and healthy.

Its hard to know what is the right move all the time and you always have a place to go which is here and the vet 🙂

Don’t leave bearded dragon white poop lying around to get hard. If you see poop clean it up as quickly as possible

some new bearded dragon owners will leave a lot of things inside the tank they shouldn’t like old rotten food and poop