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Beardie Diet Guide: Can Bearded Dragons Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Brussel sprouts are unsurprisingly great for humans, but is it good for beardies? Can bearded dragons eat Brussel sprouts? Click here to find out.


Bearded dragons are well-known omnivores. Originally growing in the desert, they evolved into lizards that can and will eat just about anything. And, since they need plants in their diets, you might be wondering, “Can bearded dragons eat Brussel sprouts?”

A bearded dragon needs a whole array of nutrients to grow big and healthy. But, can they eat Brussel sprouts? In this article, you will get a definitive answer to this question and a few other things you need to know about this vegetable.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Like in the wild, bearded dragons will eat fruits in vegetables in captivity. Although not all vegetables are safe for your beardie, they can eat Brussel sprouts. However, you need to limit this to an occasional treat instead of adding it to their staple diets.

There are several reasons for this that you will learn about while reading this article, but the main reason is that Brussel sprouts do not have ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio. 

Are Brussel Sprouts Harmful to Bearded Dragons?

can bearded dragons eat brussel sprout

Brussel sprouts are not harmful or toxic to beardies. Your pet can have a small amount of this vegetable without harming it. These sprouts have loads of nutrients that your bearded dragon needs for its growth. Unfortunately, eating too much will pose problems for their health if left untreated.

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Why Should You Feed Brussel Sprouts to Your Beardies?

can bearded dragons eat brussel sprout

Brussel sprouts may not be highly recommended for their diets, but they are still very helpful. Here are a few reasons why Brussel sprouts are an occasional amazing treat:

  • They are very nutritious. Brussel sprouts have vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A. These are necessary for your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. These are also helpful for younger dragons who are still growing.
  • Very rich in fiber. Fiber helps your pet digest your pet’s food better. It helps their digestion since fiber is notable for helping food pass well while through their system.
  • Great for reducing inflammation. Brussel sprouts are great for dragons that are experiencing swelling internally or externally.

Why Can’t Bearded Dragons Eat Brussel Sprouts Every Day?

Giving your bearded dragon Brussel sprouts has its upsides. But, there are also issue with the plant that you need to know. These are:

  • It extracts iodine. Eating too many Brussel sprouts lead to the removal of iodine from your beardie’s diet. Low iodine levels can lead to thyroid issues and increase the chance that your bearded dragon will grow obese. If left untreated, this will pose a whole lot of issues that may be dangerous for your dragon.
  • It is acidic. Brussel sprouts are too acidic for your dragon. Acidic food can quickly lead to gastrointestinal upset. Eating too much of this green will cause internal health problems for your beardie. 

Brussel sprouts may have their issues, but proper portion control is enough to avoid them. As long as you limit this to an occasional treat, there shouldn’t be any problems.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cooked Brussel Sprouts? 

can bearded dragons eat brussel sprout

Yes. Cooking Brussel sprouts for your beardies meal is not dangerous. But, if you cook them with oil, there might be issues. Butter and seasoning will also pose problems for your beardie. While boiling them will add water to the sprouts. 

Generally, cooked sprouts are okay. But, it is still better to serve Brussel sprouts raw to avoid health problems.   

How Should You Prepare Brussel Sprouts for Your Bearded Dragons?

Preparing Brussel sprouts is very straightforward.  They may look very small compared to you, but they are still too large for bearded dragons. Here are a few steps you need to do before feeding them to your dragons:

  • Buy organic Brussel sprouts.  For bearded dragons, organic is always best. As much as possible, only buy organic vegetables for your bearded dragons. Grocery store-bought Brussel sprouts have most likely been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, which are harmful to beardies. But, these sprouts can still be fed to your bearded pal as long as you observe proper caution when preparing them.
  • Wash them thoroughly. As with every vegetable, washing them with water removes almost all the residual foreign materials stuck to them. This will ensure that there are no chemicals or small bugs that are stuck on the leaves. 
  • Cut them into quarters. Generally, bearded dragons should be able to eat Brussel sprouts after being cut into quarters. But, if your dragon is on the small side or you notice that it is having difficulty eating it, cut the Brussel sprouts more.
  • Serve it up. Serving Brussel sprouts is straightforward. You do not need any additional seasoning at all. Just put a quarter of the cut-up sprouts in a bowl and serve it. 

Pro-tip: To add a little more calcium to your beardie’s brussel sprout meal, add a sprinkle of calcium and vitamin D before serving!

When Can You Feed Brussel Sprouts to Your Bearded Dragon?

can bearded dragons eat brussel sprout

Like with any other vegetable, mix Brussel sprouts to their scheduled meals. The general rule of thumb is to feed your dragon two times each day.

First, give your beardie their first meal at the start of the day, two hours before the first light. The next meal should be two hours before you turn off the lights. Add a quarter of Brussel sprouts once a week to their meals to add some variety. 

If you follow this schedule, your bearded dragon shouldn’t feel any discomfort after eating the occasional brussel sprout. 

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Bearded dragons are well known for needing different food in their diet to remain healthy. It doesn’t matter if you are giving them insects or plants; they will eat them. But, this doesn’t mean that everything you give will be good for them.

Remember, Brussel sprouts may have the nutrients they need, but they also bring different consequences to the table. Remember to only feed them a quarter of a sprout once a week to avoid complications. 

Now that all is said and done, you should be more than ready to feed your pet Brussel sprouts without worrying about the adverse effects they bring to the table.