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Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python Care Guide-5+ Best Tips

Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python is one of the rarest Ball Python Morphs that you can get. A Picture below will show you what they look like

Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python
Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

As you can see they have beautiful blue eyes and a bright white skin.

Down below we will go into each piece of information you need to own one of these reptiles to keep them happy.

Sometimes saying Blue-Eyed Leucistic ball python is a lot to say in a sentence so people just call them Blue eyed Lucy’s

Information about Blue eye Leucistic Ball pythons

i love the look of these snakes. They are a bright white colour and to achieve this colour it takes quite a bit of work.

A lot of time has been taken to find a whole bunch of different variations of looks for these snakes. Breeders charge a lot of money for these snakes.

You’re looking at around 600 to 800 dollars for these guys

One of the best things about this snake is the fact that they are easy to handle. They are great for beginners but again they are on the expensive side.

Where to buy Blue eye Leucistic Ball pythons

You wont find these guys in the wild. They must be bred in order for you to get one which will cost alot of money.

Breeding information

You need 2 out of 5 morphs to breed this snake.

  • Lesser
  • Mojave
  • Butter
  • Phantom
  • Het Russo

For example a breeder will breed

  • phantom and butter
  • phantom and mojave
  • butter and lesser

and so on

The reasoning behind the price is the fact that they are so hard to produce. They take time to create and you will never find something like these in the wild. like most things in life the more rare it is the more money it will cost.

Websites to buy

you can head to this website to find a place to get your snake

You can also go here and this will support this site as its an affiliate link

this site also works as well

Appearance and Colour

Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python
Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

as you can see these snakes are awesome looking. They are very different than what most other snakes look like. So many snakes out there have patterns and colours and this one is completely missing both of those things

Of course their skin stands out but so do their eyes. Their eyes are this bright blue colour.

There is a chance you will see another variation of them which is a less bright white and some have the beige stripe down their back like the picture above. People usually want the bright white without the stripe.

Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python size

These snakes are small to medium sized snakes and can grow up to 3 feet long by the time they reach adulthood for males.

females are bigger and can grow up to 5 feet and some even reach 6 feet long.

Hatchlings are small when they are born (around 10 to 12 inches long).

One thing you have to be careful with is the fact that these guys can get FAT. lol. They are lazy snakes. You have to watch their weight. If they start putting on too much weight just reduce the amount of food you give them for a short while.

Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python behavior and temperament

Like i mentioned earlier these snakes are lazy. They live a very sedentary lifestyle. Like humans if you don’t move around and exercise and eat too much food you will gain weight. These snakes don’t like to move around too much.

They prefer to come out at night to do their hunting and any exploring they want to do.

These snakes use constriction to kill their prey instead of venom like some other snakes do.

These snakes don’t really like the idea of cohabiting with each other unless they are going to breed so if you want to have two of them you want to keep them separate from each other

Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python Handling

You can handle these guys no problem to handle and are great for beginners but you must know a few things first

Never handle them right after being fed. They need about 48 hours of time before you pick them up

Never handle them right when you bring them home. Like most reptiles they need to acclimate to their new home first. They want to have a feeling of safety and security before they feel completely comfortable being handled by you.

Give them about a week to adjust to their new home.

When you try to pick them up you need to take your time and NEVER make sudden movements. Let him see what you’re doing. Move calmly and slowly to gain their trust.

They can bite you if you move too fast around them so just be aware and take your time. with reptiles don’t rush the process of trust

Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python in a hand
Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python in a hand

Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python Care guide

This snake is incredibly rewarding to own. even looking at it is a pleasurable experience because its so rare.

Below you will learn how to take care of your Leucistic ball python

Diet and Food requirements

Make sure you only feed your snake a frozen-thawed diet as live rodents will put up some sort of fight trying to scratch and gnaw to try to get away. This can hurt your snake and cause infections.

These snakes are carnivores. They love to eat birds, mice, and rats.

Baby pythons should eat fuzzy mice every 5 days or so

Young pythons(juveniles) should have mice and should eat every 7 days or so.

Adult snakes should eat rats and should eat every 10- 14 days

Make sure you only feed your snake a frozen-thawed diet

check out this article about live food with pets

Thawing the rodents is pretty simple and you can use this guide to help you. screenshot as necessary

In our house we do this when we feed our snakes

Place the rodent in the fridge the night before. The same way as you would when you’re cooking food for yourself and you need something thawed

When its thawed out you can warm it up in some water and then give it to your snake. These snakes LOVE it when you warm up food because they use their heat sensing organs to detect prey. You can heat it up to about the heat of your skin. Try to think of the warmth of a live animal they would find in the wild.

One thing snakes absolutely love is variation in their diet so you can feed them chicks sometimes. Its kind of like a treat.

Be sure to not feed your snake food that is too big for it. You want to stick with the thickness of the thickest part of their body. This will ensure they aren’t too scared of the size of the meal too.

List of foods for screenshot

  • mice
  • gerbils
  • soft furred rats
  • hamsters
  • chicks
  • baby rabbits

Leucistic Ball Python Feeding issues

These guys can be picky so make sure you understand their needs to keep them happy.

Snakes can suffer from stress like any other reptile so you want to make sure its happy with the best enclosure conditions and you want to make sure it has had time to acclimate to their new home.

make sure they have time to themselves for a while when you bring them home. Leucistic Ball Pythons will refuse to eat if they are stressed

If their enclosure is too humid or not humid enough they wont eat. If its too cold or too hot they wont eat. Remember to think of what they would do in nature as much as possible

Sometimes the size of the food can intimidate the snake. You’re going to need to experiment with your snake to see what they like. Sometimes they wont eat a specific type of mouse or rat for no apparent reason so sometimes mix it up if they’re being too picky

When you give your snake their food sometimes you have to stimulate their constriction by making it seem like the prey is alive. You do this by wiggling the food a little bit with a pair of tongs.

Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python Health concerns

Its pretty simple to keep these guys healthy and happy but to new snake owners it may be difficult to know because…. well you’re a newbie to snake care. That’s okay! everyone is new at some point. That’s why you’re here reading this article.

Down below i will show you what you can do to keep your snake healthy and what to look for when they are feeling sick

A healthy snake will have normal skin colour to it. when a snake is sick sometimes the skin colour will dull out. Kind of like how people go pale when they have a flu or something.

Its scales will be smooth

Their breathing is nice and normal. snakes with respiratory issues and other issues will sometimes breathe with their mouths open. this is a clear sign of a sick Leucistic Ball Python

Scale rot is something you have to watch out for. This looks like red lesions on the body. Sometimes this can form because of the enclosure having too much humidity which might be causing too much bacteria overgrowth to occur.

Mouth rot happens sometimes too. Take your pet to the vet in order to fix this with a more professional approach. Your Leucistic Ball Python will not want to eat that much when they have this.

Snake mites You will see black specs on your snake. You can talk to your vet and get medicine for them. Your snake will not complete its shedding process and it will like being in its water bowl.

Respiratory infections they will open mouth breathe when they get this. it sounds like someone with asthma is trying to breathe. You will hear crackling and wheezing. Your vet will need to help get rid of this. Its safer to do so anyways. Prevention is always the best medicine. Keeping your enclosure clean and airing out the substrates often will prevent most issues from happening. as well as good quality food.

Parasites like with humans will start getting skinny because the body is malnourished. The parasite is getting all the food and the person gets nothing at all even when eating lots of food. Your python will have diarrhea and funny coloured poop. The cure for this is anti parasite medicine from the vet

Leucistic Ball Python enclosure

There are a few options for enclosures for this kind of snake like

  • Wood
  • PVC
  • Plastic
  • Glass

The best enclosures in my opinion are PVC and glass

Glass won’t hold onto heat and moisture like wood and plastic will but i like the idea of having glass to see my reptile through.

its totally up to you what you choose to do but PVC is going to hold onto temperatures and moisture better. You can get an enclosure that has a front door where when you enter you will find them at their level. Snakes worry about what comes from above in terms of predators

This is what a PVC enclosure looks like
This is what a PVC enclosure looks like for a Leucistic Ball Python

As you can see you will be able to see your reptile through the front doors if you want to and this type of tank will require less time and maintenance to keep it humid. Glass enclosures you will need to mist it yourself or have a misting system installed.

The best part about these PVC enclosures are they make your snake feel more secure preventing them from getting stressed out. When they get stressed they don’t eat.

Leucistic Ball Python will also do well in wooden enclosures too and i found this one on Ebay as well and ill link it for you.

Apologies for the image being small but if you click the link you will be able to view the listing on ebay

The other good tanks are going to be plastic. They look like this

Plastic enclosure for a Leucistic ball python
Plastic enclosure for a Leucistic ball python. I know there’s a lizard in this picture but this is a good picture of the kind you’re looking for. Your snake will like this plus these kinds have a thermometer built in that actually tells you humidity as well.

If you decide to go with a glass enclosure make sure you get the right heating requirements. it might require higher wattage bulbs or ceramic heating pads that go under the tank.

it will also require you to mist the enclosure more often as well. You can put plenty of plant life inside the enclosure to help with humidity. This will help with less maintenance time.

How To Set Up The Right Heating and Cooling Sides

This is called a temperature gradient. Lets start off with the cool side which needs to be around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The warm side needs 84-89 degrees Fahrenheit

The hot side needs to be 90 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit

Night temperature should be 72 to 76 degrees

The reason you need a Temperature gradient like this is because reptiles regulate their heat through thermoregulation. in simple terms they move from one area of the tank to the other based of their needs. In nature the sun goes up and down and throughout the day snakes will move to an area that is shaded or to an area that is hot based of what they need.

Replicating nature is the easiest way to understand what a Leucistic Ball Python needs

Leucistic Ball Python Humidity needs

They thrive in humidity that’s around 50 to 60 percent. If you are using a PVC , wood or plastic enclosure it will be easier for you to keep the humidity nice and high

Leucistic Ball Python Substrate needs

You’re going to want to use Coconut fibre, cypress mulch are the two recommendations i think you should use. You can use paper towel if you want but it will obviously dry out and wont hold moisture for too long.

Holding onto humidity is priority one for these snakes so focus on that.

you can get coconut fibre here

Size of the tank required

I will place the order of size depending on the snakes age. The smaller the snake is the small the tank needs to be but obviously as a snake ages it gets bigger until it reaches adulthood.

Baby snakes should have an enclosure of around 20 gallons or so

Juveniles should have an enclosure of around 40 gallons

Adult snakes that are bigger than 3 feet should have some more breathing room at around 120 gallon tank

Decorating the enclosure

Snakes absolutely love it when things are messy. You want to have things everywhere. Snakes don’t like being exposed too much when they are trying to just live life. They like to be able to hide from predators easily.

What people normally do follows this list which is pretty typical for reptiles in general

  • Branches
  • small logs
  • plants, live and artificial
  • flat rocks
  • flat pieces of bark and wood
  • small bushes/shrubs
  • You can use cardboard and shape it to what you want

Make sure your snakes have plenty of places to hide. Make sure they can completely conceal themselves from you.

They want to be able to feel their hides really tight around them. Its cozy to them. So make sure things are close and tight. The less space you have for the hides and stuff like that the better.

Leucistic Ball Python summary

Leucistic Ball Python’s are excellent snakes to have. They have a rare look and they are docile which makes it easy for beginners to get used to. They have special needs and requirements for food which can be a bit complicated but you will get used to it quickly.

If you’re looking for a different type of snake incase this kind of snake is too expensive or just isnt for you check out


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