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Brief Guide to Shopping for Bearded Dragon Tanks

Shopping for bearded dragon tanks involves considering essential factors like the pet’s size and age. Learn more about how to purchase this equipment here.

Bearded dragon tanks are essential for owners of these reptiles who keep them as pets. Shopping for this housing equipment can be both exciting and tricky, especially for novice bearded dragon keepers.

As among the most common housing type purchased for bearded dragons, tanks are a good option because they are commonly available, with many selections to choose from, making them easy to buy.

Furthermore, bearded dragon tanks are easy to clean and are usually transparent, making it easy for owners to view and check on their reptile pets. Many brands of bearded dragon tanks are also affordable.

We understand that choosing the correct size of bearded dragon tanks can be confusing, making informative and educational guides are necessary.

Putting the right decoration on the tanks can also be a challenge to new pet owners. 

In this brief discussion, we provided some essential details about choosing the ideal bearded dragon tank size and how to furnish it with decors and accessories properly.

This short informative article will also help in facilitating the wellness of bearded dragons in their artificial habitats. 


New bearded dragon owners may feel like they are in the woods when deciding to purchase a tank.

They usually come across many websites that provide insights and may find it time-consuming and difficult to know what exactly makes a favorable bearded dragon tank.

The following characteristics are the common attributes of an ideal tank for bearded dragons:

  1. Available in various sizes

The ideal bearded dragon tanks come in different sizes. This advantageous attribute enables reptile owners to choose the right tank dimension for their pets. 

Bearded dragon tanks come as a range of tall and large terrariums or vivariums. The suitable dimensions for these pets comprise 36, 48, 60, and 72-inch-long terrariums.

The tall ones are useful as they permit bearded dragons to bask and hide. Furthermore, they are perfect for bearded dragons who brumate up the trees. 

Extra-large tank models also mean having more vertical space and providing better thermal gradients. 

  1. Lockable and secure

We understand that bearded dragon owners may also be owners of other pets like cats. These animals may jump into the bearded dragon tank.

Therefore, the ideal bearded dragon tanks usually have locks and a metal mesh top. This feature helps in preventing the reptile pets from escaping. Additionally, these kinds of vivarium are safe against intrusions by other pets such as cats.

  1. Waterproof

Any loose matter and substrates may clog up the bearded dragon tank door’s movement. However, by selecting waterproof housing equipment, this problem is prevented. 

  1. Accessible

The ideal bearded dragon tanks usually have removable mesh lids. This advantageous feature facilitates easy access to everything in the housing equipment. 

Furthermore, some bearded dragon tanks measuring 36 inches long come with hinged doors. This beneficial property makes it easier to access the whole setup for the bearded dragons. 

Models with sliding doors also prevent obstruction of access as such width is scaling with the bearded dragon tank’s size. 

  1. Spacious

Although large tanks for bearded dragons like those measuring 72 inches long need additional lighting and heating, they are actually fabulous, permitting a much more natural environment for the reptile pets.

Additionally, large bearded dragon tanks can house two or more of these reptiles together more safely.

Brief Guide to Shopping for Bearded Dragon Tanks

  1. Comfortable and with proper ventilation

The best-bearded dragon tanks may be made of glass, yet they facilitate proper air circulation.

Well-thought-out terrariums or vivariums with a mesh top deliver adequate ventilation, with a front grill that lets fresh air enter, move up through the equipment, and out the top. 

Some tanks also come with each of their sides with mesh.

These features provide much airflow.

As comfort is essential for bearded dragons, the best tanks also come with a background, offering these pets the feel of being in their natural habitat.

Selecting the Right Tank Size for Bearded Dragons

Choosing the correct bearded dragon tank size is important as this aspect determines the reptile pet’s health, comfort, and happiness.

We understand that novice bearded dragon owners may find it challenging to select the right dimension for their terrariums or vivarium.

Bearded dragons grow fast. Therefore, we advise owners not to feel alarmed if their baby pet suddenly requires an upgraded tank within a few months.

This reality is merely a component of owning a bearded dragon. Moreover, we want to inform our readers that the rate at which bearded dragons grow usually depends on their diet and genetics.

Bearded dragons can reach full size around 15 to 18 months. They can expand in girth, especially if their owners overindulge them with too much food. 

The requirements for bearded dragons that are babies, juveniles, and adults are quite dissimilar, and it is significant to keep this factor in mind. When selecting tanks, the essential elements to consider are the reptile pet’s age and size. 

These important factors help in choosing the appropriate housing equipment. The following information presents the age stages of bearded dragons and the suitable tank size for them:

  1. BABY – 0 to 5 months old

Baby bearded dragons will thrive in tanks that are not smaller than 20 gallons and are ideally 40 gallons, which is 36 inches long X 18 inches wide X 18 inches deep.

Additionally, these baby reptile pets under 10 inches will be happy and healthy in a 20-gallon tank as they usually do not require much room to exercise.

Bearded dragon tanks that are too big for a baby may be ideal as it permits these reptile pets to grow. Owners also do not have to upgrade to a larger tank every couple of months, making them save their budgets. 

However, if baby bearded dragons get housed in a 40-gallon tank, which is 38 inches long X 18 inches wide X 18 inches deep, they may struggle in catching live feeders because they are novice hunters. They may find it challenging to catch food with the spacious room they have to run on.

Therefore, we advise bearded dragon owners to hand-feed their pets if they appear to be having difficulties in a bigger tank.

We also recommend keeping a close eye on the baby bearded dragons and observing how adeptly they can actually catch and eat their live food, like brown crickets. 

  1. JUVENILE – 6 to 8 months old

Juvenile bearded dragons are young adults. They require habitats that are not too small to prevent stunted growth.

Therefore, we advise housing these young adult bearded dragons in tanks with a minimum dimension of 55 gallons, but ideally 75 gallons.

As for large pets measuring more than 20 inches long, they will thrive in 75-gallon bearded dragon tanks.

There are cases when bearded dragons become exceptionally large. In this case, we recommend tanks that are not less than 120 gallons. 

These bearded dragon tanks will enable these huge reptile pets to roam around well and get the physical exercise they need. Furthermore, they can be safe from depression, stress, and the development of other health problems. 

  1. ADULTS – 1 year and above

Full-grown bearded dragons can thrive on tanks that correspond to their sizes. Adult pets in regular sizes should be in a tank measuring at least 55 gallons and ideally 75 gallons. 

As for bearded dragons measuring over 20 inches long, it is ideal for them to be housed in a terrarium or vivarium not smaller than 75 gallons and ideally 120 gallons.

We want to advise our readers that adult bearded dragons love larger tanks with plenty of room for hides and tunnels.

These animals are usually happier and healthier in these big housing equipment as they do not feel cramped. Purchasing bearded dragon tanks of the right size is important as owners can provide their reptile pets ample room to rest, explore, play, hunt, and live well overall. 

If an owner is on a budget and is just starting, a “baby”-sized tank between 20 to 40 gallons is suggested.

For 10-inch-long bearded dragons, tanks measuring from 75 and 120 gallons are ideal.

We recommend 120 gallons for bearded dragons reaching about 15 inches, as this tank size offers more space, entertainment, and wellness. 

7 Tank Accessories That Give the Bearded Dragons the Natural Habitat Feeling

The primary aim of the bearded dragon tanks is to provide the reptile pets with a simulation of their natural habitat.

With this objective, bearded dragon tank accessories and decors are important components of the reptile pet’s home. 

They enhance these living spaces and keep these pets occupied. Moreover, these animals are similar to people who feel pleased and comfortable living in a housing space furnished with “furniture.”

We guarantee new bearded dragon owners that it is hassle-free to furnish their pets’ tanks. After all, the accessories and decors are widely available in virtually any pet store and online retailer. 

The following items are among the commonly recommended furnishings for bearded dragon tanks:


Safe plants spruce up bearded dragons’ living arrangements. They make the tank feel and look like these pets’ natural habitat. 

Furthermore, the various types of vines and plants enable bearded dragons to stay stimulated and navigate around their home.

We recommend artificial plants that look quite authentic as they are usually easy to clean and are low-maintenance.


Fluorescent lights emitting UVB, which are rays emitted by the sun, facilitate proper digestion among bearded dragons. Meanwhile, UVA light is what we see, keeping these reptile pets happy.

A good basking light is also necessary, giving a wide berth of light and keeping bearded dragons’ bodies evenly warm. Bearded dragons become unhealthy without UVA, UVB, and basking light because these are imperative to mimic their natural habitat. 

Brief Guide to Shopping for Bearded Dragon Tanks


A special hammock for bearded dragons will make them enjoy their lounging moments. These accessories that hang in the reptile pets’ artificial habitat are available in most online shops and pet stores. 


These bearded dragon tank decorations enable the reptile pets to chill, bask, or take a little nap.

We recommend long branches for bearded dragons to lay on and are made from real or natural wood, not the affordable plastic alternative. 

Branches should also be able to fit and securely fixed on the bearded dragon tank. They should get upgraded to a larger one if the reptile pets reach full adulthood.


Little reptile hides give enjoyment to many bearded dragons. After all, they let these reptile pets sneak into them and sleep inside. 

We also recommend putting hides on bearded dragon tanks. They are necessary for brumation, which is the time when the reptile pet essentially hibernates in autumn or winter. 


This tank decor gives bearded dragons an easy feeling in their surroundings. Backgrounds mimic the appearance of these animals’ natural environment, and they also help in minimizing glass-surfing.


Bark tunnels that fit in the bearded dragon tunnel make awesome terrarium or vivarium landscapes. They aid in making the reptile pets feel safe and when escaping. Tunnels are similar to hides, and they help create that natural habitat feeling. 

It can be a challenge to shop for bearded dragon tanks, especially for new reptile pet owners.

However, with the aid of this helpful guide, new bearded dragon owners will be able to choose the right home suitable for their beloved pets. 

This online discussion gave insights into the significance of considering bearded dragons’ age and size when shopping for their tanks.

Additionally, this informative guide offers insights on how to properly copy bearded dragons’ natural habitats to facilitate their wellness in their artificial environment via the accessories and decors. 

We recommend that bearded dragon owners read other references and news about bearded dragon tanks and bearded dragons in general to ensure their reptile pets’ well-being.