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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bread? Top Answers That You Must Know

Can bearded dragons eat bread? What will happen to your beardie? Arm yourself with information! Read this before you commit a mistake you will regret.

Humans tend to share food with pets. We want to give them bits and pieces of everything we eat. What if the pet is a beardie? We might have been tempted to give bread to our dragon. The question is, can bearded dragons eat bread? 

Bread is a staple in European countries. It is one of the most common foods we can find in homes, and it comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors. We love to eat bread, and there is nothing wrong with that.  

I will discuss here different important points that you should know before giving in to that temptation to throw some crumbs at your pet. First, let us dissect the object in question.  

The Bread Preview: Factual Information About Bread 

In the loose sense, bread is a baked product made from mixing flour with water to make a dough. According to Britannica, humans made the first bread during the Neolithic times. Since then, people have discovered innovations in the bread-making process. 

The advancements throughout history led to the availability of a wide range of ingredients for making baked goodies. Today, there is an assortment of bread in different parts of the world.  

The most famous bread in the US is white bread and wheat bread.  

Nutritional Facts of Bread: Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bread? 

Caring for our beloved reptiles means giving the best food for bearded dragons. Is bread one of them? Let us check what nutrition the dragons could get out of bread. 

can bearded dragons eat bread

We will focus mainly on the famous bread. These are readily available almost everywhere because of the high demand. It is a quick fix meal when we are in a rush and also convenient to bring.  

The data from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that 32 grams of whole wheat bread contain the following: 

  • Calories – 82 
  • Fat – 1.1 g 
  • Sodium – 144 mg 
  • Carbohydrates – 13.8 g 
  • Fiber – 1.9 g 
  • Sugars – 1.4 g 
  • Protein – 4 g 

The white bread has slightly lower calories, but the rest are almost the same. Also, take a look at the sodium! The diet of beardies is not high in sodium. Where would all those extra sodium go? 

Instead of bread, give them Dubia roaches. They are delightful treats for dragons that have great nutritional value they need.  

A quick look at the numbers above tells us that this is not the diet needed by our bearded dragons. Baby beardies need 80% insects and 20% vegetables diet. Once they become adults, the proportion is reversed, making it 20% insect and 20% vegetables.  

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bread? What A Carbohydrate-Rich Diet Can Do 

can bearded dragons eat bread

The primary nutrient found in bread is carbohydrates, which is known for providing energy. Bread available in groceries is mostly made of processed carbs that cause body sugar to spike, eventually leading to diabetes. 

However, humans and beardies have different genetic make-up. Why should this affect the dragons? It is not like they are going to have diabetes from bread.

Care for dragons goes beyond giving them a terrarium with a good basking light. We need to be sensitive about the limitations of our pets. Beardies are reptiles, and reptiles do not have the enzymes needed to process the complex carbohydrates, starch.  

Feeding beardies with bread could lead to intestinal cramping. Worse, bacteria will feast on a carbohydrate-rich environment that could cause further problems to beardie. After all these, would you still be interested in the question, can bearded dragons eat bread?  

Why You Should Not Give Bread to Bearded Dragons 

can bearded dragons eat bread

If the reasons above are not enough, the following will convince you to never give bread to your pet.  

  • The calcium to phosphorous ratio in the beardie diet is not met 

The diet of dragons must have a 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorous. Bread has almost no calcium, which is a red flag in a beardie diet.  

  • The inability of reptiles to process starch 

There are claims that bread will expand in the beardie’s stomach. It is yet to be proven, but it is a fact that they cannot process starch. Feeding bread to a dragon is like giving dairy products to a lactose-intolerant person.  

  • Bread is a choking hazard. 

Beardies cannot chew properly, and bread is starchy. These two are a formula for choking hazards. Imagine giving bread to your baby who has just started on solids. Sharing bread with your pet dragon is as cruel as this.  

Be Aware of Best Food for Bearded Dragons 

Our pets will possibly eat bread as they would anything that you put in front of them. The responsibility of knowing what to give and what not to give falls in the owner’s hands. Do not experiment. Be a proactive beardie owner and check the best diet and food guide for bearded dragons.  

can bearded dragons eat bread

Can bearded dragons eat bread is a question you should not be interested in. Rather, arm yourself with information on the nutritional needs of dragons. Stick to the well-known diets that are proven to nourish beardies.