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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Fish? Essential Facts You Must Know

Have you encountered videos and articles of bearded dragons eating fish? Read this to know if you should feed fish to your beloved pet!

Can bearded dragons eat fish? Those who have pet beardies probably know that they eat both plants and animals for survival or omnivores. If you love to eat fish, you might have been tempted in the past to give some to your beloved pet.

The question is, should we feed fish to our bearded dragon? Let us break down all the facts that you need to know whether you should feed fish to your lizard.

What is the Natural Habitat of the Beardies?

bearded dragons eat fish

Bearded dragons are mainly from the arid areas of Australia. They thrive well in deserts, arid woodlands, and rocky semi-desert areas. Beardies can survive the seemingly challenging scarcity of vegetation as long as there is an abundant insect population. We could easily tell that fish is not part of the natural diet of our dragons in the said kind of habitat.

So, what? The question can bearded dragons eat fish is still not answered. Just because it is not part of their natural diet automatically means that fish is bad for them.

Diet and Nutrition Needed by Bearded Dragon

It is crucial to know the most important vitamins and minerals needed by bearded dragons. It is equally essential to know the amount that we need to give to them. This way, we can avoid giving them an overdose or feeding them poisonous food.

  • Calcium and Vitamin D

The dragons can get these in their natural habitat. Fortunately, we can also give it to them even in captivity by giving them calcium powder with vitamin D. These two are the most important, especially for female bearded dragons who will be carrying eggs. Getting ample of these vitamins and minerals will ensure proper bone development, which we want to achieve for the sake of optimum health of our lizard.

Fish are rich in these! So, can bearded dragons eat fish? Check this best diet and food guide to see that fish is not listed anywhere. 

  • Vitamin A

The beardies need this, but you should be careful in giving the right quantity. Vitamin A retention is known for our dragons, which may lead to vitamin A toxicity. Opting for a multivitamin supplement that contains beta carotene, a good vitamin A alternative.

  • Iron

This is more for baby dragons, which, like vitamin A, should be given in moderation. Feeding them with greens such as kale or collards is a safe way to give them the sufficient iron they need. You may also check the list of vegetables that are good for beardies.

bearded dragons eat fish

We have learned from basic science that these vitamins and minerals are present in seafood, including fish. So, can bearded dragons eat fish?

Reasons Why Not to Feed Bearded Dragons with Fish

It is likely to come across a video of a beardie who eats fish. Yes, they will eat fish or any food that you put in front of them. The real concern here is the safety and health issues of dragons related to eating fish.

The best care guide will show you the food that beardies can eat, and none will show fish. Check the list below to see for yourself the answer to the question: can bearded dragons eat fish?

bearded dragons eat fish
  • Carrier of parasites, germs, and harmful bacteria

These organisms can cause several health risks to our dragon. The worst-case scenario could even lead to their demise.

Some pet stores sell live fish feeders to lizard owners. Those are intended for the species that eat fish as part of their regular diet and not our beardies. Do not experiment on your pet. Know the diet that is good for bearded dragons to eat.

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids

We may have heard numerous times that omega 3 is great. Yes, this is true for humans, but not for our dragons. Our pet beardies do not have much exercise in captivity. Thus, it is easy for them to get obese. Feeding them omega 3-rich fish is equivalent to ruining their health. 

I will see to it that my pet gets plenty of exercise. Can bearded dragons eat fish if there is a lot of mobility? Still no.

bearded dragons eat fish
  • Presence of thiaminase

This enzyme prevents thiamine absorption in the body of our pet beardie. Thiamine is responsible for absorbing vitamin B1. The said vitamin is essential for converting carbohydrates into energy. Mealworms are a safer alternative to fish for beardies diet but in moderation.

  • High protein

Bearded dragons need protein in their diet. If this is the case, can bearded dragons eat fish? Too much of anything is bad, even for our bearded dragon, so no.   We can give them Dubia roaches instead as this protein-rich food is safe for dragons. Remember that too much protein could cause health problems for beardies such as diabetes, liver disease, obesity, and in worst cases, heart failure.

bearded dragons eat fish

Know the Best Diet and Food Guide for Beardies

We may be tempted to give a small chunk to our beardie of a deliciously grilled tuna, but seriously, stop. Please do not put our bearded dragon’s health at risk by being an over-sharer pet owner. Instead, it would be more helpful to know the best diet and food guide for our bearded dragons. By this time, I hope that I have given you more than enough reason why a big NO is the answer to the question: can bearded dragons eat fish.