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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries? Best guide with 5+ tips

Can bearded dragons eat strawberries? absolutely they can but you need to be careful with how much and how often

Follow this guide to know exactly how much you can feed your beardie and what a good diet is going to look like for your bearded dragon.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries?
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries?

My bearded Dragon Love strawberries. He would eat them until he got fat if he could but that’s exactly why this guide is being made because they do need to be kept within range so they remain healthy and disease free

In moderation, bearded dragons can totally eat strawberries. In moderation, I believe that 2 times a week is fine. When I’m feeding my bearded dragon I usually do a veggie salad with some little fruit inside it.

Then what I will do is give him insects too dusted with calcium powder.

Just like apples it is totally safe for beardies to consume but you need to restrict the quantity.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries and Other Fruit

Strawberries are great because they can give your bearded dragon much-needed nutrition in order to stay healthy

two things that bearded dragons need the most are phosphorus and calcium. metabolic bone disease is an important thing to know about for bearded dragons. Strawberries are nice and soft and easy to digest, just don’t feed them the stems.

Strawberries are good for beardies to eat but they do have lower calcium and phosphorus counts compared to other fruits but having a good variety in their diet is important.

I only feed my beardie strawberries 2 times a week max. what I actually do is some weeks he won’t get any fruit and then ill give him fruit 2 to 3 times in that week so I give him breaks from sugary fruit often.

Always remember that fruit is more like a treat than a food staple. I stick to this kind of feeding ratio

  • 60 percent vegetables
  • 30 percent protein (gut loaded and dusted with calcium powder)
  • 10 percent fruit with some weeks on and some weeks off

Sugar can actually cause your bearded dragon to have some digestion issues. this happens to humans too but we have much more complicated systems than them.

Like anything that’s sweet they can get totally addicted to the sugary berries you give them which is why I get them to taper off for a week or two then put them back on. As I said it’s just a treat, not a staple.

Why strawberries must be restricted

strawberries contain too much

Benefits of strawberries for your bearded dragon

  • They are high in carbohydrates which will give them energy and zest for the day
  • high in fiber which keeps the pipes clean and smooth 🙂
  • helps with hydration because strawberries have a high water concentration (50 to 70 percent water)
  • vitamin C is high which helps with immune function and growth
  • potassium
  • calcium which helps with bones

Phosphorus needs to be at the forefront of your mind when feeding your bearded dragon fruits. Something that’s high in phosphorus is normally a good thing but daily consumption isn’t good for a beardie

Bearded dragon happy
Can bearded dragons eat strawberries

Strawberries contain more phosphorus than calcium. 36 grams which is too high for daily consumption.

so that’s why I pull it back for a week or two then he can have a couple of days with a few strawberries throughout the week.

Phosphorus prevents calcium from being absorbed into the bloodstream. so when I feed my beardie every week I dust his food with calcium powder and then gut-loaded insects like normal.

All week long he will be healthy and loaded with calcium then I will give him strawberries which is going to make him happy.

That phosphorus count is high for that week but because he was chillin all week long without fruit he will be okay to have lots of fruit that week.

Metabolic bone disease

Sometimes we have to talk about things that are negative in order to remain positive. This disease is dreadful and if you have too much phosphorus in their diet they will develop this disease and it’s painful to watch.

Its pretty common and EASILY preventable. what will happen is your beardie wont be able to stand up very tall or straight and will drag its legs and feet along the ground trying to move around. Again it’s painful to watch.

Sugar should be avoided on a continuous basis like i mentioned earlier. They can develop some pretty bad conditions that can be fatal to them which are

  • fatty liver
  • obesity
  • heart disease and failure
  • tooth decay( yes they have teeth)
  • diabetes

I am all about trying to get closest to thing wild as possible for your bearded dragon to remain healthy and happy but some things need to be avoided like too much water. Iceberg lettuce is something that has high water content and very little nutritional value.

too much water can lead to diarrhea and that’s obviously not good either.

i have found my bearded dragon is perfectly healthy with what I do because I go on and off with fruit in general so there’s not too much phosphorus. you can stick to that schedule if you like. it works very well for me and my beardie

Feeding your bearded dragon strawberries

I cut mine up into pieces and leave the stem out. I will cut it from the smallest side up to the end and feed him those little pieces. easy as heck.

I usually put the fruit in with the veggies I give him too. he likes the fruit the most obviously.

Small tip

always give your bearded dragon the highest quality food possible. I always do Organic fruit. They should have the best of the best fruit available

the best thing in the world is when you guys can eat together. They will literally sit on you and eat with you. sometimes they even fall asleep on you. it’s cute.

How many strawberries can a bearded dragon eat?

I only feed my bearded dragon about 3 to 4 strawberries at the time

my feeding schedule looks like this

  • week one 2-3 times ill feed him strawberries
  • week two no fruit
  • week three sometimes 1 piece of fruit
  • week four 2 to 3 times a week