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Can Bearded Dragons Wear Harnesses? Bearded Dragon Wings Leash and More!

Are you planning to buy or create a bearded dragon wings leash? Is it safe for our little pets? Join us in this comprehensive article to find out!


Are you planning to play with your pet outside and wondering if a bearded dragon wings leash is safe to use? Do you want to make your dragon happy and stimulated while remaining safe? Then, you are in the right place! This comprehensive article will discuss if bearded dragons can wear harnesses and if a leash is safe for them. We will also give you some fun activity ideas that you should try with your cute little dragon.

Remember that making time and playing with your bearded dragons is fun to build a strong bond. We highly recommend keepers to play activities, such as going for a walk, handling, hunting, or exploring. However, we still need to know the safe ways to do these things. All ideas discussed below are easy to do and require little effort and money on your part. Still, make sure to understand and read carefully to avoid any potential inconvenience and mistakes. 

Can Bearded Dragons Wear Harnesses?

bearded dragon wings leash

Taking our bearded dragons outside for a walk is a fun and exciting experience for both parties. However, many keepers ask if they can take their little pets outside on a harness and leash. Well, the only answer is yes. It is the only way we should take our beardies outside. 

Putting on a leash can make our pets a little uncomfortable. However, with time and patience, they will eventually get used to it and even enjoy wearing a harness and leash with a harness. Remember that not all bearded dragons can tolerate being on a leash, but most of them can deal with it, especially when you go outside under the sun. According to experts, only bearded dragons around 15 inches in length are allowed to use a harness.

Why do bearded dragons need to wear a harness? Well, first of all, once you go outside, your pet’s first instinct is to run fast and hide under something. If your beardie decides to do any of the two, you will have to stand by, twiddle your thumbs, and wait for him or her to come out. 

Our pets also have many pieces of furniture to hide in our home, including our beds, desks, couches, and other huge furniture. If your little bearded dragon likes to do these behaviors, using a leash and harness both indoors and outdoors can be an effective idea. This way, you can keep your pet safe and within your reach.

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Some owners usually give their bearded dragons a leash every trip to the vet, especially because new environments tend to freak out these little lizards. Remember that once your bearded dragon arrives outside, it is a whole different ball game! It is where their hidden instincts kick in, and they become extremely vigilant, always on the hunt for predators.

Once your pet sees a cat, dog, bird, or other animals, your bearded dragon can surely consider it as a threat and can be dominant and slightly stubborn. 

Another handy use for a harness and leash like a bearded dragon wings leash is for those keepers with dumb or fearless bearded dragons. We can guarantee that bearded dragons are cute and daring, but sometimes, they can be adorably stupid, also. 

If you don’t know yet, some beardies do not have enough sense of humor to realize that jumping too high can hurt him or her. 

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How to Make a Bearded Dragon Wings Leash?

bearded dragon wings leash

We know that bearded dragons are known for their social and adventurous nature, making them one of the most sought-after pet reptiles. For that reason, we should make time taking our pets to safe spots both indoors and outdoors. Creating a DIY bearded dragon leash is the easiest way to take your little reptile out for exploration without spending extra bucks. 

Since we cannot really use a cat and dog harness and some pet stores don’t sell bearded dragon leashes, we will help you create one. You’re in luck, though, because our team has gone the extra mile to ensure that you can make a high-quality harness with supplies that are already around the house or can be found at any local craft store. 

bearded dragon wings leash


  • Soft material or rubber for handle
  • Adjustable cord stops or pony beads
  • Six to ten feet of paracord or other non-fraying cord
  • Glue
  • Leather (for wings)


  • First, fold the cord in half so we can have a loop that has two loose ends. 
  • Second, pass the cord’s two layers through pony beads stopping around four to six inches from the cord’s loop end. This technique can give you two loose ends while the cords are connected via the beads.
  • Third, tighten the last bead, trap the cord, and create a circle as a handle.
  • Fourth, cut a wing shape in the leather fabric and glue it on the leash.

Last is to attach a soft material at the loose ends so the leash can be comfortable and easy to use. 

Remember that you can make any style of a harness with regular knots or no-slip knots. As long as you stick to the exact procedure and use accurate materials and measurements, we can guarantee that your pet will love it and not escape easily. It is crucial to follow accurate measures because some harnesses are too small or big for me.

Without a doubt, some DIY harnesses have better quality than store-bought. Well, not all of them, but some have poorer quality regarding security and materials used. 

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bearded dragon wings leash

Wrapping Up

Many bearded dragon keepers are skeptical about putting a harness or a bearded dragon wings leash on their pets. However, there’s no need to fret about that because they will get used to it eventually. If your beardie wears a leash outside, you can comfortably take him or her for a walk and let it hunt across the grass.

So, we hope that this article has helped you decide whether to put a leash on your pet or not. Remember to always prioritize your beardie’s safety when taking it on adventures. Using a harness like a bearded dragon wings leash can surely give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe while roaming outside.