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Crickets for Bearded Dragons: Best Places and Ways to Get Them

Buyers of live crickets for bearded dragons can purchase these food items from online stores and alternative sources. Read more about these providers here.

Live crickets for bearded dragons make fantastic staple feeders. They facilitate a healthy diet for these reptile pets.

Moreover, plenty of insectivores, including bearded dragons, obtain a huge part of their water consumption from live insects. Therefore, live crickets are essential components of their daily food schedule, complementing mineral and vitamin supplements such as regular doses of calcium powder with vitamin D.

Nonetheless, we gathered that, for owners or keepers of these lizards, especially if they are novice ones, live crickets for bearded dragons can be challenging to get. After all, these feeder insects are not simply caught in the wild.

Therefore, new bearded dragon owners may need some information on where and how they can buy these great staple feeders. In this discussion, we enumerated the places and ways of how reptile pet owners will find premium-quality live crickets.

We discussed the vendors that sell these live insects at affordable prices and guarantee freshness and quality. Additionally, we talked about the alternative sources of live crickets for bearded dragons and offered some useful tips for shoppers.

Places and Ways to Purchase Quality Live Crickets

Bearded dragons can be in optimal health if owners know what makes a healthy bearded dragon diet. The daily food schedule of these reptile pets should consist of beneficial nutriments such as Dubia roaches

With these health-giving food items and vitamin and mineral supplements, bearded dragons can avoid catching various ailments. Live crickets for bearded dragons are a regular component of these reptile pets’ wholesome diet. 

Bearded dragon keepers or owners have the following choices on how they can buy the live insects for their beloved lizards:


*Official Website: 

Amazon is the perfect provider for first-time buyers of live crickets for bearded dragons. Beginner reptile pet owners will relish the many sizes and quantity choices presented to them by the eCommerce giant. 

Moreover, we recommend buying live insects at Amazon because this platform directs buyers to the best brands offering great value for their hard-earned money. Many live insect breeders utilize this mega online marketplace to list and sell their live crickets for bearded dragons and other insect products. 

Performing a quick search on Amazon enables online shoppers to find well-known brands such as VM Feeders, Bassett’s Cricket Ranch, Josh’s Frogs, and many more. We want to inform our readers that Amazon sells practically all feeder insects for any reptiles.

The huge product selections make this eCommerce platform the best place to purchase live insects for bearded dragons. Amazon also has excellent customer service support.

Sellers are mandated to have low complaint numbers. The company also ensures that these vendors comply with stringent performance metrics to continue selling on this global marketplace. 

If a bearded dragon keeper already has an Amazon Prime membership, he will find it effortless to buy the live crickets in the leading online shopping portal. After all, he is already familiar with the platform and the merchant. 

Additionally, Amazon offers great value for its customers’ hard-earned money. Oftentimes, live crickets sellers will compete with one another to have the most affordable product or the lowest price. In these costing wars, the buyers are in an advantageous position.

Besides the live crickets for bearded dragons, Amazon also offers calcium supplements that help bearded dragons avoid low blood calcium-related health issues.


*Official Website:

This seller of live crickets for bearded dragons is based in Northern California. We guarantee that Backwater Reptiles will please reptile pet keepers because it sells nine different sizes of live crickets in quantities of either 500 or 1,000.

Furthermore, this vendor offers customers overnight shipping free of charge. Backwater Reptiles is a recommended establishment for purchasing other exotic pets because it sells many amphibians, reptiles, and more.

Crickets for bearded dragons


*Official Website:

We want to stress that buying from reputable online vendors that sell live crickets for bearded dragons often results in satisfaction. After all, quality and great value for customers’ money are guaranteed.

At Fluker Farms, which has been in business since 1953, bearded dragon owners can purchase live insects for their beloved lizards. Besides the live insects, they can also buy other items, such as bedding, plants, and vines. 

Louisiana-based family business Fluker Farms has actually expanded, becoming one of the largest live insect suppliers in the United States. This respectable online seller also permits live crickets purchasing on their official portal in quantities ranging from merely 100 all the way to more than 5,000 live crickets.


Shopping for live crickets for bearded dragons online offers the major advantage of convenience since a trip to the brick and mortar store becomes unnecessary. However, we want to highlight the benefits of buying live insects from the latter since they also sell premium-quality products. 

Purchasing live crickets for one’s reptile pets from local stores enables shoppers to quickly obtain their lizards’ essential food. Additionally, buyers can take advantage of the smaller quantities. 


We understand that this alternative option of getting live crickets for bearded dragons may not initially sound attractive to the reptile pet keepers. After all, learning how to breed or raise live crickets requires time commitment which may not be favorable, especially to busy bearded dragon owners. 

Nevertheless, we want to point out that learning and eventually breeding or raising one’s own live crickets for bearded dragons considerably reduces one’s reptile pet grocery bill. This option also comes in handy if a reptile pet keeper finds himself desiring to own more than one bearded dragon. 

Amazon, Backwater Reptiles, and Fluker Farms are among the top-rated online sources of live crickets for bearded dragons. They facilitate online shopping convenience.

Meanwhile, we also suggested other alternatives of buying or acquiring the live insects for bearded dragons. Owners or keepers of these reptile pets can purchase these foods from their nearby pet shop or reptile store.

They also have the choice to learn to breed or raise the live crickets. All these five options can be convenient and are fantastic selections for bearded dragon owners.

4 Points to Consider When Purchasing the Live Insects

We encourage our readers to consider the following four helpful tips when buying live crickets for bearded dragons. We guarantee that their shopping experience will be hassle-free:

1. Consider the seller’s location.

Live crickets can arrive dead to the bearded dragon owners who ordered them. This inconvenient scenario certainly brings massive headaches to the latter since their reptile pets cannot eat the dead insects, and they can tell their money was not well-spent.

Live crickets for bearded dragons may pass away because of inadequate temperatures and insufficient ventilation. Poor sanitary conditions are also among the handful of reasons why the bearded dragons’ insect foods die. 

Hence, we recommend buyers consider the vendor’s location. The closer they are to the seller, the better. After all, they no longer have to worry about extended transit times, which are a problem that usually results in dead and useless crickets delivered to their doorsteps.

2. Check the bearded dragon’s age and size and the live crickets’ size.

Buying live crickets for bearded dragons cannot be done mindlessly. Buyers must consider their reptile pet’s size and age and the live insects’ size. 

Owners should keep in mind that a fully grown adult bearded dragon will consume 30 to 50 crickets per week. Being mindful of these facts will help buyers understand the number of live crickets they should purchase. 

Crickets for bearded dragons

3. Choose “live guarantees” that are longer than 24 hours.

For first-time buyers of live crickets for bearded dragons, we want to clarify that “live guarantees” come from sellers. This statement pertains to the latter’s promise that the live insects purchased will stay alive for a certain number of days or hours after buyers receive them. 

The typical “live guarantees” with live crickets for bearded dragons are 24 hours or one day after receipt. However, this condition varies based on the outdoor temperature and season. Plus, some “live guarantees” from sellers can be as long as 72 hours or three days.

4. Prepare a cricket keeper.

Bearded dragon owners must have a cricket keeper ready. This container is the artificial habitat of the live insects.

There are, indeed, many places and ways to buy live crickets for bearded dragons. These providers can be local or online. Since there are many high-rated cricket vendors from which buyers can select, the choices are practically endless.

Final Thoughts: Keeping Bearded Dragons Healthy

Live crickets for bearded dragons are the recommended food items for these reptile pets, besides supplying them with the recommended mealworms in bearded dragons’ feeders. These live insects can certainly help the lizards thrive and stay in tip-top shape for a long time.

Besides the live crickets, bearded dragon owners can avoid the headache and inconvenience of sending their reptile pets to a veterinarian by regularly supplying their lizards with liquid vitamins. These are highly suggested, similar to multivitamin supplements.

We recommend our readers simply select the convenient option for them to acquire the needed live crickets for their bearded dragons. 

Once they find the establishment they believe they can trust and is reliable, then they can stick to this service provider, which they believe will deliver them the steady supply of food for their reptile pets hassle-free. 

With this scenario, bearded dragon keepers can then have more fantastic moments with their cherished home companion.