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Enjoying the Benefits of Using a Bearded Dragon Leash

A bearded dragon leash is a useful accessory reptile pet keepers should buy and use with their lizard pets. Discover more about this helpful item here.

The bearded dragon leash is a very useful accessory reptile pet owners can utilize in their bearded dragon-keeping journey. It is more than a material to keep the domesticated reptiles close to their keepers and protected while outdoors.

The bearded dragon leash can come as a mere cord or a cord with a harness that secures the tamed lizard. Using this accessory delivers many advantages to both owners and their reptile pets.

The bearded dragon leash can actually further facilitate a healthy lifestyle for bearded dragons, complementing their wholesome diets and regular intakes of multivitamin supplements, calcium powder with vitamin D, liquid vitamins, and so forth. 

Learning about this fact will certainly make owners feel intrigued and, later on, impressed with the practical accessory. In this discussion, we helped owners understand the role of a bearded dragon leash in their relationship with their lizard pets. 

We explained this accessory’s nature and the attributes that a leash option in a brick-and-mortar or online pet store is the right choice. We also helped our readers understand how to properly use the leash with their domesticated home companions in their everyday living.

Bearded dragon leash

The Leash as a Helpful Accessory in Keeping Bearded Dragons as Pets

The bearded dragon leash is a popular accessory owners buy when keeping bearded dragons as domesticated home companions. We want to inform potential bearded dragon keepers that this material is available in brick-and-mortar and online stores, usually specializing in selling pet products. 

For new bearded dragon owners, we want to point out that a bearded dragon leash’s primary purpose is to keep the lizard pet safe every time it is outdoors walking with its owner. 

Additionally, this functional accessory prevents the tamed lizard from escaping indoors and outdoors. Indeed, we want to stress the fact that a bearded dragon leash provides owners peace of mind every time they choose to spend time and bond with their domesticated reptiles.

Among the outdoor activities the bearded dragon leash is useful for is when strolling or relaxing in the park or sunbathing. The leash is also helpful indoors.

Bearded dragon owners will not have to worry then if their tamed reptile runs around the house and hides in places other than these lizard pets’ hide hole for bearded dragons. 

These home sections are where it is challenging for bearded dragon keepers to find and reach their domesticated reptiles.

Bearded dragon leash

3 Advantages of Using Bearded Dragon Leashes

As we have mentioned in the previous section, the bearded dragon leash helps owners keep their reptile pets from running away or escaping when they are outdoors or indoors. 

Besides these main purposes, we also want to highlight the benefits of having and using these accessories, which are the following:

1. The bearded dragon leash allows owners to let their bearded dragon relish the real sunlight outdoors.

We want to stress the fact that it is not advisable to keep bearded dragons in their terrariums all the time. This activity is certainly unhealthy and boring for them.

With the use of the bearded dragon leash, these domesticated lizards will feel entertained and refreshed, allowing them to walk with their owners outdoors. 

By getting exposed to authentic sunlight, the bearded dragons can avoid suffering from metabolic bone disease. This common ailment in bearded dragons is caused by the lack of intake of calcium supplements, calcium powder with vitamin D, vitamin D3, and so forth. 

Additionally, with the bearded dragon leash’s help, the domesticated lizards will not scratch away at their terrarium’s glass wall anymore, which is a sign of a bored reptile pet. 

2. The owner and his lizard pet can bond more and boost their relationship.

The bearded dragon leash facilitates the security of the bearded dragon indoors and outdoors. We also want to emphasize the fact that this helpful accessory enables the owner and his domesticated home companion to become closer and more familiar with each other.

The bearded dragon leash enables the keeper and his tamed reptile to get some physical exercises together through strolling outdoors for at least two hours daily. It also facilitates relaxation, mind-clearing, and wholesome and fun moments in the local park or beach.

3. The bearded dragon can stay healthy and avoid other diseases.

Fat bearded dragons are usually a result of their owners overfeeding them with unhealthy food. They are also plump in an unwholesome way due to sedentary lifestyles.

Fat bearded dragons are usually always inside their cages doing the same things like running and hiding towards their hide hole for bearded dragons.

This kind of lifestyle makes bearded dragons unhealthy and prone to catching various ailments that can kill them. Owners can also see their tamed reptiles usually sitting atop their hangout decor or hideout decor big rock. 

Among the diseases bearded dragons can suffer from due to being in the same environment all the time are sicknesses caused by parasites and mites, stomatitis, tail rot, and impaction, among many others.

Nevertheless, with the bearded dragon leash, these lizard pets can feel better upon being in the great outdoors. They will feel rejuvenated after getting tired of the same environment in their artificial habitats. 

These three benefits of using bearded dragon leashes confirm that owning these useful accessories for the lizard pets is advisable. We also want to inform our readers how they can purchase the best leash choice by learning about its characteristics.

Bearded dragon leash

5 Characteristics of the Best Bearded Dragon Leash

New bearded dragon owners who have heard of the usefulness of a bearded dragon leash usually decide to purchase one. 

To get the optimal choice, learning the following five attributes of the best leash option is definitely helpful for them:


Safe best bearded dragon leashes are made of soft material. They neither scratch the domesticated lizard’s scales nor rub too much on its belly. 

Moreover, top-rated bearded dragon leashes provide support. They prevent the reptile pet from choking when walking with its owner by not putting pressure on its throat. They are free from metal hooks that can harm the bearded dragon as well. 


Bearded dragon leashes are worth buying if they are conveniently light and easy to wear for the tamed reptiles. They are neither too tight, causing injury, nor too loose, causing the bearded dragon to escape. 


The best bearded dragon leash fits the reptile pet very well when the owner pulls its cord or clips it, connecting this accessory to a harness. Plus, it is not wobbly and prevents the bearded dragon from getting injured or slipping out.


Bearded dragon leashes and harnesses that are adjustable are worth purchasing. Some of them come as a vest harness with a button cord, while others have wings that make the domesticated home companion look stylish and cute.


Top bearded dragon leashes come in different sizes, making them versatile when used. The options that measure 3 feet long are ideal when walking the bearded dragon inside the house or in the owner’s garden.

Meanwhile, if the bearded dragon keeper wants to stroll with his bearded dragon in the park, the 6-feet-long bearded dragon leash is recommended. 

These five attributes of the best bearded dragon leash can assure the reptile pet keepers that their bearded dragon is safe and happy throughout the time they are wearing the practical accessory.

5 Steps to Follow When Leash-Training Bearded Dragons

The bearded dragon leash is, indeed, a helpful accessory. However, we want to stress the fact that owners cannot just use it right away on their domesticated lizards.

Bearded dragon keepers need to train their tamed reptiles first to become accustomed to having the leash used on them. We want to provide our readers with the following steps involved in bearded dragon leash-training:

1. Buy a bearded dragon leash.

This accessory can also be in the form of a harness. The latter distributes the leash’s pressure and weight away from the bearded dragon’s neck.

Owners should ensure that the bearded dragon leash is comfortable, not very thin, adjustable, and prevents choking or neck strain. Their option should snuggly fit their domesticated home companion as well.

2. Place the leash close to the domesticated lizard’s terrarium.

This step enables the bearded dragon to see and familiarize itself with the accessory. We advise owners to perform this tip for about one week. 

In this way, their bearded dragon can start getting used to the leash and will not have a problem later, wearing and moving completely normal with the accessory.

3. Be patient.

Leash-training bearded dragons take considerable hard work and dedication on the part of the owners. These reptile pets may be manageable to educate compared to most lizards due to their calm and less aggressive natures.

Some bearded dragons are sociable, more amenable, enjoy handling than others, and are not easily stressed out. However, we want to highlight the fact that these domesticated reptiles have their own unique temperaments and personalities, similar to humans and other animals.

Hence, bearded dragon owners should be persevering and determined. After all, some bearded dragons may be shy, nervous, and tend to be uncomfortable with human interactions. 

They also need to be handled with much care and persuaded to have high motivation levels in wearing the leash. 

Bearded dragon owners should learn the proper steps in leash-training to prevent their domesticated home companions from feeling upset, stressed out, or threatened. 

4. Let the bearded dragon wear the leash in the house and its terrarium for a few minutes every day.

This important step enables the domesticated lizard to get used to wearing the accessory. It will also become less stressed out once its owner decides to take it outside its tank.

The bearded dragon can feel accustomed to wearing the leash when its owner walks with it inside the house or in its terrarium’s reptile carpet for about five to ten minutes daily. 

5. Gradually acclimatize the domesticated lizard to being outdoors wearing the leash.

After several weeks of leash-training and seeing positive differences, owners can help their bearded dragon begin getting used to and feel comfortable walking or spending time outdoors by taking them there for brief periods. 

The reptile pet and its keeper can walk for five to ten minutes daily in the owner’s garden and then around the neighborhood block.

We highly recommend owners slowly and gently move while outdoors with their bearded dragons. In this way, their tamed lizards will not feel scared or stressed out.  

They can also sit on the ground in the park, letting the bearded dragon sit or crawl in its keeper’s lap. This step enables the domesticated lizard to get used to the natural surroundings outdoors while its owner comforts or pets it.

We highly recommend bearded dragon owners follow these five leash-training steps. They serve as preparation for these lizard pet keepers to eventually spend time outdoors with their reptile pets wearing the bearded dragon leash comfortably.

Bearded dragon leash

7 Advice When Going Outdoors with a Leashed Bearded Dragon

We want to encourage bearded dragon owners not to give up when leash-training their domesticated home companions. After all, we guarantee they can see positive outcomes later on.

Once they do, we recommend they follow our pieces of advice below for a better bearded dragon owner-pet experience outdoors:

1. Keep the right temperature ranges in mind before taking the bearded dragon outdoors.

We want to inform bearded dragon owners that concrete pavement can be very hot under scorching weather. It can cause serious burns on the bearded dragon’s toes and belly.

Hence, we recommend only taking these domesticated lizards outdoors if the temperature ranges between 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 23.8 to 35 degrees Celsius. These owners should ensure that their bearded dragon would not get inconvenienced by very hot or very cold temperatures.

2. Keep in mind the best places to take a leashed bearded dragon.

We advise bearded dragon owners that the best places to take their bearded dragons for a walk, relaxation, or have a picnic in is their own garden, around their own residence, or a small park. 

These enclosed and safe locations normally do not have poisonous plants, bugs, people or children jogging around, or large animals that can harm or kill the bearded dragons. 

3. Avoid walking in noisy sites and places with many birds and trees.

Bearded dragons will run and hide when they are in a noisy location or those filled with chirping birds. The trees also invite a tamed reptile to head straight up to them when it feels terrified and escapes.

4. Walk the bearded dragon as a reptile pet and not like a dog.

Bearded dragons are completely different from dogs as pets. Hence, we do not recommend that owners think they are walking a dog when taking their tamed lizards on a leash out for a stroll.

We also want to emphasize the fact that a bearded dragon leash is for the domesticated reptile pet’s enjoyment, relishing new possibilities and exploring the outdoors. 

5. Pull the leash very slowly and gently.

When a bearded dragon is ready to walk outdoors on a leash, we advise owners never to pull on the leash if they need to get their lizard pet away from something hazardous.

They can pull the accessory very gently and slowly. In this way, the bearded dragon will not get choked or get its neck damaged due to the harsh leash pull.

6. Give the domesticated lizards some treats after strolling or spending time outdoors.

We want to educate our readers about positive reinforcement training, which they can practice as bearded dragon owners. This measure involves using treats to reward their tamed home companions for doing something their owners want them to do.

When bearded dragon keepers practice positive reinforcement training, their reptile pets will associate their walks and outdoor time with the treats. 

Hence, the next time they go outdoors together again, these bearded dragons will behave accordingly as the rewards are registered in their minds as positive experiences that let them relax and have fun with their owners. 

7. Return the bearded dragon to its terrarium after having an outdoor adventure together.

Bearded dragons may feel stressed out during their moments outdoors with their owners. Reptile pets that miss the comforts of their tanks where they relish their favorite Dubia roaches and mealworms may feel anxious as they spend more time away from their cozy vivarium.

Stressed-out or upset bearded dragons exhibit lethargy, biting, black or puffed-up beards, open-mouth stance, and modified defecating and eating habits. Owners can prevent their domesticated reptiles from these inconveniences by taking them back immediately to their cozy tanks where they can calm down.

Indeed, using a bearded dragon leash entails many benefits for the bearded dragon and its owner. After leash-training, bearded dragons wearing this helpful accessory can explore the great outdoors to enjoy the natural environment and its wonder, not just the substrate, reptile carpet, or hangout decor they normally see and use in their terrariums.

These domesticated lizards also get to stay healthy and avoid getting fat and suffering from various diseases. Above all, the bearded dragon leash allows owners and their tamed home companions to strengthen their bond as they get to relish moments indoors and outdoors together.