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Giving Water To Your Bearded Dragon: 3 awesome tips for hydration!

Bearded dragons need water. Giving water to your bearded dragon is essential for you to understand since they don’t act like typical animals that most people are familiar with

The first thing you should know about bearded dragons especially if you’re new to them is that they are used to hot and dry environments.

They don’t actually need that much water to survive so you don’t need to be worried if your bearded dragon isn’t drinking

Most of the water that they get in the wild is actually going to come from the food they eat.

If you’re going to keep a Bearded dragon at home in captivity you should have plenty of water available to them.

Giving Water To Your Bearded Dragon

There are a few main ways you can make sure your bearded dragon is hydrated. One of those ways is obviously having water inside the tank.

You can put it in a bowl if you want to. Some people have a cool thing that water comes out like a stream.

Either way those work. You can also mist the vegetables they eat with some water before they take it in. I do this primarily.

I make sure to feed them a lot of great food to keep them healthy.

One thing to note is changing the water daily. I didn’t know this was important until a few months after I bought my bearded dragon.

I change the water each morning as part of my bearded dragon care routine 🙂

Bearded Dragon Water Bowls

Ok, there is a lot you have to understand about giving water to your bearded dragon in a bowl

The first thing you need to know is they aren’t really used to drinking water out of a bowl. They might need some additional training to help them drink from a water bowl

The second thing you need to know is to not get them a bowl that is too deep. They can actually drown pretty easily if they can’t get themselves out

The third thing you should know is to use a high-quality source of water for them to have a good long life. You can get a water conditioner if you want or use distilled water.

The fourth thing you need to watch out for is keeping the water clean throughout the day. Bearded dragons have a tendency to take whatever is on the substrate right into the water bowl. sometimes there is rotten food or poop on the substrate floor. You obviously don’t want your bearded dragon drinking that… so keep it clean

Cleaning the water bowl

This part is easy really. What I do is is fill up my sink a bit with some hot water and soap and begin scrubbing.

Now you can use some tank cleaner wipes if you want to but it’s easy to just clean everything with some soap and water in my opinion.

when giving water to your bearded dragon you don’t want residual cleaner leftover in the dish

Bearded dragons can transmit salmonella to humans. If you leave the dish without cleaning it you can let bacteria build-up which can be transmitted to humans.

I personally do a full tank clean at least once a month. This will prevent any buildup of bacteria from forming.

Misting your bearded dragon for hydration

This is a popular method people use to make sure their beardies are staying hydrated. Misting is the idea that you spray them with water

In the wild, they will get rained on all the time and they will actually sit out and let it happen. They will actually sit under leaves that have water coming off them to get some extra water.

When you’ve sprayed them you will see they will let the water come down their head and into their mouth. it’s cute actually.

You can do this several times per day but you shouldn’t keep them wet all the time. It’s important that they have some time for dryness. They are from the desert after all.