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How to Cut Your Bearded Dragon’s Nails

How should we trim our bearded dragon’s nails? When should we do it? If you plan to trim your pet's claws but have no idea, this topic can help you out!


Do you know how to cut your bearded dragon’s nails, or perhaps you are looking for some tips in trimming? Either way, we are sure that you have experienced how long their nails can grow after several months, which can pose some dangers to you and your pet. 

Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for! We all know that bearded dragons are relatively easy to care for. These species are one of the most popular reptile pets and are very tolerant to handling. Because of that, we need to trim their nails regularly. If you left it to grow long, your bearded dragon’s nails could cause injuries because of its almost razor-like and sharp claws. 

To prevent injuries to you, your pet, and others, regularly cutting their nails is essential. With a little patience and good trimmers, you can easily maneuver and finish this task conveniently.

Today, you will learn how to know when’s the perfect time to trim your pet’s nails, how to do it more conveniently, and what tools you’ll need. The procedures that we will share are something that any pet owner can do at home hassle-free. We are confident that it will make your bearded dragon happy and healthy. If you want to make your pet’s nails healthier, you must start giving it an effective multivitamin supplement.

bearded dragon’s nails

When’s the Right Time to Trim a Bearded Dragon’s Nails?

We will share the top two important signs that you need to look out for that will signal the perfect time to proceed with cutting and trimming your bearded dragon’s nails

  • Ingrown Nail

The first sign is when a nail starts to curl underneath or ingrown nail. This situation can be very painful and uncomfortable to your pet if left uncut. So, try to make sure that you and your reptile will not reach this point. Usually, bearded dragon owners cut their pet’s nails at least twice a year. However, some go higher to five times annually. Well, it is still up to you. It would be best if you were dependent on how fast your reptile’s nails grow. The most important thing to do is to keep an eye on their nails every month.

  • Nails Begin to Scratch You

The second sign is when your pet’s nails can scratch you. Once you feel it, it’s the perfect time to clip them. This sign is very important to keep an eye out for. 

An excellent tip for pet owners struggling with bearded dragons’ fast-growing nails is to try installing certain products, such as wooden locks, porcelain tiles and rocks within their shelter. These materials can naturally keep the nails worn down as your pet walks, climbs, and rubs their nails over them. However, make sure to place it somewhere you know your bearded dragon always stays. It’s a great way to keep your pet’s nails trimmed without too much stress for the both of you.

What Tools Do We Need?

First of all, you need a nail trimmer. However, pet owners use different types of trimmers, so it’s up to you. You can buy a trimmer specifically designed for a bearded dragon, but you can also use the one for fur babies, such as cats and dogs. 

In case you don’t know yet, some people use standard human nail cutters, too! But no worries, it’s totally fine as long as you know how to use it properly before trying it on your little pet. Some nail clippers have a safety stop to prevent pet owners from accidentally clipping the toe itself. It can also give better control when trimming. 

How to Cut Your Bearded Dragon’s Nails?

Cutting our bearded dragon’s nails is very important for our convenience and safety. Always remember that sharp claws can cause skin irritation and some bleeding on your body. Besides that, claw trimming is necessary to ensure that our bearded dragon’s feet are perpendicular to the ground. If you saw bearded dragons with twisted toes, it’s because of their long nails. It pushes the toe to another side.

Since your little pet also loves climbing, well-trimmed nails can help their claws maintain a good balance. Also, long nails can snag on things. The worst thing is the potential to rip off. Once your pet’s nails are ripped off, it won’t be easy to grow back.

bearded dragon’s nails

This section will help you learn the basic steps in trimming a bearded dragon’s nails. Be sure to follow all instructions to avoid hurting your pet. We ensured that the steps weren’t tricky, so you don’t have to worry, but you still need to be cautious.

Step 1: Make sure that your beloved bearded dragon is calm and in a good mood.

The first and most important to check is your pet’s mood. If it’s jumpy, playful or stressed, you will have a difficult time holding its feet and will surely end up causing harm to either of you. If your bearded dragon is not in a good mood, you need to calm it first. 

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Feed it. 
    • Tip: Eating at nice feeders can sometimes boost our pets’ appetite and mood. We do not recommend low-quality feeders.
  • Touch and stroke it’s head
  • Rest your hand near its face
  • Cover it with a blanket
  • Give a nice warm bath
    • Tip: After a nice warm bath, placing your pet under a basking light can make it feel warmer and calmer.

Step 2: Hold your pet’s foot.

Once your little pet becomes calm, you may now start holding the foot gently. Be careful when gripping since too much pressure can cause pain and panic to your pet. If a firm grip is still not effective and your pet is still fighting, you need to step back again and make it calm down.

If it’s still not plausible, having someone to hold them while you trim their nails can be a good idea. This way, you can focus on the pruning process better since someone ensures that your bearded dragon will remain still. Make sure your friend knows how to hold your pet correctly, without squeezing.

Step 3: Start the nail trimming.

Locate the part that needs trimming. Don’t forget that our little bearded dragons have veins around their nails. It supplies blood, so please avoid cutting until the very end of the nail. Use your nail clipper to trim the very ends – avoid over-cutting. A good rule of thumb is to only cut half of the nails thin part. Do not clip all the way where it becomes thicker since it increases your chance of cutting the vein and causing harm to your pet. 

Always remember that you are not cutting the end part of the nails entirely. You are just trimming it. Go slow and cut little by little. Over time, you will be more comfortable with cutting your beardie’s claws.

If you accidentally overcut, apply a small amount of anti-clotting and anti-bacterial gel to prevent possible infections. If there are no improvements, you should bring your pet to the veterinarian.

Step 4: Reward your bearded dragon after the nail cutting.

The final step is to give your pet a treat, such as dubia roaches, after a job well done. Clipping your little pet’s nails for the first time isn’t an easy job for both parties. So, it is important to make your dragon feel comfortable and happy again. This reward will surely bring positive vibes for both of you.


Now that you have already cut your pet’s nails, its claws will look healthier and safer! Once you’ve done it once, you’ll have an easier process over time. Plus, you only have to do it a few times a year.

Without the correct procedure, nail cutting can leave you overwhelmed and unsure. Most times, bearded dragons are not in the mood for nail cutting, especially because they are not lively. Therefore, finding the perfect time where they feel relaxed is important. You can try cutting their nails while they are sleepy or dizzy. This situation makes our pets fight less, giving us a better chance of trimming their claws comfortably. 

When cutting a bearded dragon’s nails, sometimes one pair of hands isn’t enough. So, if your pet is squammy or large, getting extra help can be helpful. It would be best if you do it on a large table with a reptile carpet because it will lessen the chances of your pet getting hurt or falling, a risk many of us don’t want to take.

When it comes to clipping your bearded dragon’s nails, you need to ensure the correct process. We understand that finding out the proper way of trimming their claw can be challenging, so we hope this brief yet informative topic has assisted you, especially if you are a first-time owner. 

If all of this still sounds extremely off-putting, it’s okay. You can take your bearded dragon to a licensed veterinarian near your area. They can easily do it for you and even walk you through the process to make you feel less nervous. Sometimes, all we need is a good demonstration.