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Thrill of Keeping Popular Fancy Reptile Pets: Pink Bearded Dragon

The pink bearded dragon is among the popular choices of reptile pet enthusiasts to keep as a domesticated home companion. Learn more about this lizard here.

Pink bearded dragons are, indeed, unusual. Their color is not typical among the so-called regular bearded dragon: the central bearded dragon or Pogona vitticeps. 

The regular bearded dragons usually have light brown, tan, olive green, and yellow colors. However, we gathered that, since we live in the era of advancements, the process of breeding bearded dragons has improved in leaps and bounds. 

Interested owners seeking pink bearded dragons can get what they want as technology has improved. In this article, we discussed the pink bearded dragon as a fancy reptile. 

We tackled how this lizard pet obtained its striking hue. Additionally, we provided some information on how interested keepers can avail of and care for this animal that has gained popularity as a domesticated home companion in recent years.

Pink bearded dragon

Understanding the Basics: Regular Bearded Dragons

Hybridizers breed the pink bearded dragon via the regular bearded dragon, more formally known as the central bearded dragon with the scientific name Pogona vitticeps.

We understand that bearded dragons all hailed from Australia, and these regular ones, often referred to as the wild-types, usually come in colors like sandy ones. Under daytime light, these hues, including light brown, tan, yellow, olive green, red, or beige and the muddy yellow or white markings, are quite conspicuous. 

Furthermore, the regular bearded dragon has rough and spiny, light stripes down its spine, with stripe-like irregular blotches on the sides. 

This cold-blooded lizard’s pattern and color are adapted for camouflaging in the Australian deserts where these animals originated from. We want to highlight the fact that regular bearded dragons are the most common bearded dragons kept as pets. 

With this reality, interested keepers can always avail themselves of these tamed lizards because they are usually available in brick-and-mortar and online pet shops. 

Pink bearded dragon

Pink Bearded Dragon: The Popular Fancy Lizard Pet

We gathered that some adventurous bearded dragon owners look for lizard pets that correspond to their favorite color. Hence, it is common to find reptile pet enthusiasts seeking a healthy pink bearded dragon.

This kind of domesticated home companion is certainly eye-catching due to its hue regular bearded dragons do not feature. We want to enlighten our readers on how pink bearded dragons specifically got their striking color.

Breeders perform the captive selective breeding process. This procedure involves mating two healthy bearded dragons with the desired trait.

This reptile couple is usually disease-free, and breeders nourish them with a nutritious diet and multivitamin supplements or liquid vitamins. Thus, these wholesome male and female lizard pets can produce healthy offspring with similar attributes. 

Then, the baby bearded dragon is bred with its sibling carrying the same trait to heighten the intensity. We want to highlight the fact that the captive selective breeding process enables fancy bearded dragons to pass on their unique traits. 

Many of these attributes begin as natural mutations in regular bearded dragons and give them a slightly different look. 

Moreover, the common mutations consist of fewer spikes and brighter colors highly visible under a basking lamp. When researching online, we found very minimal information about pink bearded dragons, per se.

Most of the articles mentioned them as a variation of the red bearded dragon. Under a basking light, owners appreciate the latter as a worthwhile purchase for its vibrant and beautiful appearance.

Red bearded dragons come in associated colors such as blood, citrus, ruby, and fire. Retailers often use these cool-sounding names to make the lizard pet more special and appealing to buyers.

We want to stress the fact that pink bearded dragons are considered a variant of red bearded dragons, which can also come in deep maroon and dark ruby shades. 

We agree that it is certainly enticing to own these lizard pets whose marvelous looks are worth looking forward to gazing at, especially when they are under a basking lamp.

Pink bearded dragon

Some Tips When Buying Pink Bearded Dragons

Pink bearded dragons are the fancy type. They are different from regular bearded dragons mainly because they are selectively bred for several reasons.

Among these grounds is the production of a lizard pet with a bright and vivid hue to the delight of prospective adventurous owners. We understand that pink bearded dragons have become available for commercial reasons. 

Retailers certainly want their business to thrive. Thus, they partner with breeders or hybridizers who can produce fancy bearded dragons, including those with the pink hue.

We agree that owning a pink bearded dragon is exciting. We want potential owners to relish their pet-keeping journey, ensuring it is a hassle-free one, by providing them with the following tips:

1. Ensure the provision of a wholesome diet.

We want to inform potential pink bearded dragon keepers that, since their lizard pet choice is a fancy one, it can be vulnerable to health issues and injuries.

In the Australian wilderness where they originated, fancy bearded dragons are easy targets of predators like hawks, unlike the regular or wild-type ones that can camouflage themselves. 

With the vulnerability of fancy bearded dragons, we advise keepers to always provide their tamed reptiles with health-giving foods. 

These nutriments are actually similar to what the regular bearded dragons consume, like Dubia roaches, mealworms, and green leafy vegetables. The provision of fresh and clean drinking water is also a must.

2. Prepare a budget when purchasing a pink bearded dragon.

Since a pink bearded dragon looks extraordinary, some pet stores charge a high price for this offering. We suggest prospective owners prepare a budget, which can be from US$50 to US$500.

Pink bearded dragons are fancy ones and are more expensive than regular or wild-type bearded dragons. The latter usually sell for just US$30 to US$50.

3. Make sure to buy from a reputable breeder and retailer.

We want to advise interested owners that breeders of pink bearded dragons with a good reputation guarantee that their customers’ purchase is a healthy specie.

The pink bearded dragon has usually been nourished and provided with essential health supplements like calcium supplements, calcium powder with vitamin D, liquid vitamins, or multivitamin supplements.

Therefore, we guarantee that owners will not regret their buying experience. After all, their breeder and seller are honest, offering them a pink bearded dragon that is active, bright alert, has strong legs, and without retained shed.

We recommend reading online reviews regarding breeders and sellers of pink bearded dragons first. This helpful step enables prospective owners to learn how previous customers rate these service providers, and these buyers’ opinions can certainly help when making a choice.

4. Remember to mimic bearded dragons’ life in the wild.

Like regular bearded dragons, pink bearded dragons thrive in an artificial habitat that mimics their natural habitat in the Australian wilderness, like the savannahs, deserts, woodlands, and so forth.

Hence, we advise owners to place essential accessories in the pink bearded dragon’s vivarium, like a basking light, a feeder, and hangout decor or hideout decor big rock. 

Using a thermometer, hygrometer, and other important instruments can facilitate the right tank conditions and the domesticated lizard’s significant body processes like proper food digestion.

The pink bearded dragon is certainly exciting to keep as a domesticated home companion. We agree that this fancy bearded dragon’s availability in the market informs bearded dragon enthusiasts that they should rejoice. 

After all, they are presented with a wide variety of colors and choices when it comes to owning these fascinating cold-blooded lizards.

Besides its unusual hue, the pink bearded dragon is a docile and calm reptile pet. Since it is an associated shade to the red bearded dragon, it is one of the most-coveted lizard pets among bearded dragon collectors.

We want to stress the fact that what mainly sets pink bearded dragons and regular bearded dragons apart is their physical appearances.

Pink bearded dragon

However, the pink bearded dragon’s care and maintenance requirements are similar to those of regular bearded dragons. Both of them have similar behavior and dietary needs. 

Hence, potential owners, especially those who already have experience caring for regular bearded dragons, will not have difficulties keeping the pink bearded dragon as a domesticated home companion.