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Travel with a bearded dragon – 5 Tips

If you’re wondering how to travel with a bearded dragon you’ve come to the right place

traveling safely with your bearded dragon is important. Certain things can shock them a bit. So it’s important to know what they will be feeling so you can make them comfortable

Travel with a bearded dragon

There will be times when you have to travel around with your bearded dragon. Sometimes you’re going to be bringing them to the vet.

Sometimes you might be taking them on a longer trip where they will need to be in a carrying case or box for a bit.

When you’re traveling with a bearded dragon you should put them in something big enough that they can move around freely. On top of that make sure that the bottom of it is lined with something soft like a cushion or several paper towels. It’s also best to use heat packs to keep your bearded dragon warm and happy. Make sure the enclosure is safe ad secure before moving around in a vehicle.

You can use this one here. It has a dog on it but it’s nice and soft and you can make a travel box around the size of this cushion here. We have done this before

generally speaking bearded dragons don’t like to be moved around. They don’t really like change too much.

You might even see them puff up and have a black beard if you move them around too much

Something to carry them in

When thinking of something to carry them in you have to understand a few things.

You should be aware of

  • temperature
  • oxygen or ventilation
  • safety so they don’t get hurt inside

When we move our bearded dragon around we use a custom box that we built. It’s a big amazon box that a musical instrument came in.

You can use a big shoebox or even a plastic container but make sure there are holes so your beardie can breathe

One thing that is easy to do is to drop the box you put them in. This can shock them quite a bit so make sure the whole box is nice and padded.

Now depending on your beardie’s attitude they might like a dark box with no way to see through. My beardie loves a dark cozy box.

Now I also think that those big rubber storage bins will work too. Those are good because they come with handles and are easy to carry.

You just have to line the bottom with some soft materials


Nothing is more important than their safety

I would lose it if something happened to my beardie 🙁

I worry too much when I take him places so I make sure he is absolutely safe with extra padding from mom

Now they are pretty resilient creatures. They can be dropped and CAN walk away from it HOWEVER they can get hurt. They can hurt their legs or belly easily if they are dropped

When putting them into the box or container make sure the bottom has something soft like a cushion or some towels

this goes without saying as well… don’t drop the box.


Now depending on what kind of container you put your bearded dragon in you have to make sure they have the right ventilation so they can breathe

I drilled several holes in my container. Your beardie wont be in there very long during a short trip so I wouldn’t worry too much about it being too hot on a short trip

Now if it’s a long trip then you need to make sure they can breathe so be aware of the timing


if you want to travel with a bearded dragon you have to understand them and their needs thoroughly

They need to maintain a certain temperature in order to stay healthy and okay. On a trip is important to keep their temperature balanced

How do you move states with a bearded dragon?

Moving states or long distances with your bearded dragon can be a bit of a chore but it’s not impossible. 



Can I take my bearded dragon on vacation with me?

When traveling with a bearded dragon, it’s important to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable environment. Here are some tips:

  1. Use a well-ventilated carrier or enclosure that is appropriate for the size of your bearded dragon.

  2. Line the carrier or enclosure with a comfortable material, such as paper towels or reptile carpet.

  3. Provide appropriate heating and lighting for your bearded dragon, as their environment needs to be kept at a specific temperature and humidity level.

  4. Pack any necessary supplies, including food, water, and any medications.

  5. Avoid exposing your bearded dragon to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, and keep them away from potential sources of stress, such as loud noises.

  6. If traveling by car, secure the carrier or enclosure in a safe location, such as the backseat or trunk. If traveling by air, be sure to research and follow the airline’s rules and regulations for transporting pets.