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White Bearded Dragon morph – Most important things to know

This bearded dragon is special because of its color

It’s also known as an albino bearded dragon or a

White bearded dragon morphs are just like other bearded dragons really they just need special care in order to thrive

Check out this guide if you’re a complete beginner

What is a White bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons have had a huge surge in popularity.

People worldwide want bearded dragons as pets and some people are willing to spend huge money to get special bearded dragons

Some people will spend thousands on certain breeds like paradox bearded dragons

Now as awesome as bearded dragons are they do require a special level of care and the rest of the article will go into detail about those things

What does a white bearded dragon look like?

A white bearded dragon looks… well… white!

White bearded dragon
White bearded dragon

White-bearded dragons will not have many colors to them. They will be mostly patternless as well but sometimes you may see some with lighter patterns

These beardies will grow to about 24 inches in length or 2 feet long depending on their genes

These bearded dragons are harder to find as well. They are much rarer and that will drive the price up as well

White bearded dragon care sheet

There are a lot of different aspects to taking care of a bearded dragon ranging from tank to diet

You will be able to take everything from this guide and make sure you take some screenshots

When thinking of how to take care of bearded dragons. You have to know where they came from.

Bearded dragons originate from Australia

They are very much used to hot dry climates

You’re going to want to mimic that as much as you can

many new owners are completely surprised by the lack of water beardies need and white-bearded dragons are no different

Lets start with the tank

White bearded dragon Tank Size

The tank size you’re going to want is bigger than most new owners think

You should go with a big tank right away

Now, this is only my opinion. I think your pets need some space to run around to enhance their life enrichment

A 75-gallon tank will do just fine for a bearded dragon

Aiming for a bigger tank right from the beginning is beneficial too because you don’t have to buy more tanks throughout

I went for a 120-gallon tank right away and I haven’t had the need to switch it

You can go with a few different types of material for their tank

  • Glass
  • hard plastic
  • PVC
  • wood
  • DIY

Now If you want some help keeping moisture high then wood and PVC tanks are going to be best for you

Lighting Needs

Bearded dragons need lots of light.

Remember you’re trying to mimic the dry desert environment they’re used to

Now they would have been exposed to a lot of sunlight during the day

The sun offers a lot of UV lighting that is crucial for a bearded dragons digestion and vitamin D

You will need to supply UV lighting in your tank

The golden rule to this is you need to change the bulbs every 6 months or so

The reasoning behind this is because the bulbs don’t produce enough UV light rays after the 6 month period

I’ve been following this rule myself for years and it works great

About half their day is going to be under this light (12 hours)

This is crucial for their health and well being

Tank Temperature needs

The tank temperature is important for your bearded dragon to stay healthy and happy

You need a temperature gradient within the tank ranging from hot to cool

Bearded dragon temperature gradient

Keeping temp like this sounds tricky but it’s really not

The best thing you can do is buy yourself some thermometers

If you see any part of the tank dropping or going too high you can change something

You can turn up the heat for example by purchasing a ceramic heater or adding another lamp

Tank Substrate

incase you didn’t know the substrate is the floor of your bearded dragon’s tank

The main thing you should know is you should stay away from any kind of loose substrate like pebbles, rocks, gravel, wood chips, and so on

The best stuff to use is the hard stuff like ceramic tile and reptile carpet

Bearded Dragons can actually ingest the substrate leading to something called impaction

If you’re new and trying to save a little money you can use Paper towel

White Bearded dragon Diet

White bearded dragons will eat the exact same diet as any other species of bearded dragon out there

Sometimes new owners might think that because they have a specific type of bearded dragon that they might eat different food

Bearded dragons are omnivores and will eat a wide variety of food

The nutrients come from all the insects which should be gut loaded and the vegetables it will eat

baby bearded dragons will need a healthy amount of protein (around 80%) for rapid growth

Adult bearded dragons will need their diet to consist of 80% vegetables and the rest will be insects

This list is pretty massive but you can save it or screenshot it so you have a good idea of what you can and can’t feed your bearded dragon

One of the best ways to know if you’re bearded dragon is having too much of something is by looking at their poop

Their poop will show you if they’re too dehydrated, or taking in too much protein

You might have a lot of trial and error trying to figure out how to keep your bearded dragon healthy

It can take a couple of weeks to figure it all out but don’t be too afraid to do anything either

They can actually eat quite a bit of food before they might get sick

There are long term repercussions to letting them eat things like fruit all the time like metabolic bone disease

It will take a long time for you to see something that serious pop-up but make sure you educate yourself anyways

How to keep your bearded dragon Healthy

One thing that many owners are concerned with is how to keep your bearded dragon healthy

There are certain things you do have to be aware of when owning a bearded dragon so you can prevent disease

A bearded dragons tank is going to have some medium levels of humidity

Whenever you have humidity you are going to have thriving bacteria

This can lead to things like mouth rot and bacterial infections

Things to look out for

  • Mouth Rot
  • Bacterial skin infections
  • Respiratory infections
  • Metabolic Bone Disease (Long term)

These are all easily preventable as long as you clean the tank often

Cleaning a bearded dragon tank

There are two types of cleaning

Daily maintenance cleaning where you clean up little things like poop and rotten food

Deep cleaning is when you take everything out of the tank and you clean it up

this includes

  • decor
  • plants
  • basking rock or logs
  • toys
  • substrate

Take out anything else that might be in there and clean it with soap and water

Make sure to rinse thoroughly because bearded dragons actually lick things a lot

What I would do is clean the corners very well. Bacteria do tend to sit there and fester

Bearded Dragon Handling

This is very important for people that have kids

Kids tend to mishandle reptiles the most and its not their fault

They are usually just unaware of what’s going on and how dropping them can affect them

White bearded dragons can be handled well like all other bearded dragons but what you may notice is because its more rare people will want to hold it more

Bearded dragons are docile in nature

They make great companions once they finally do trust you

It’s best to get them when they’re young because from a young age you can totally bond with them faster

When picking up a bearded dragon move slowly and from in front of them, not above them

They are used to big birds as predators so they will be paranoid until they finally do trust you

Make sure you support their legs and belly. This will be the most comfortable for them

When putting them down make sure you do it gently and slowly

They are very small compared to us and you can hurt them very easily

White bearded dragon Shedding

Bearded dragons will shed their skin.

Old Skin will sort of fall off slowly. Your bearded dragon will also rub against things to help them shed better

You can actually help them shed their skin by soaking them in lukewarm water and letting them rub against you

Adult bearded dragons will shed around 2 times a year

Mine actually sheds 3 times a year give or take but I can time it pretty well if he needs help shedding

Baby Bearded Dragons will shed once a month or once every 2 months

Bearded Dragon Acting Tired (Brumation)

This is something you have to be aware of

You may actually think that your bearded dragon is sick when you see them acting like this

Bearded dragon brumation is like hibernation for reptiles

When bearded dragons brumate they will act strange compared to when they’re not

They will seem tired and lethargic most of the time

Brumation is going to last for quite some time so be prepared

They will still eat and drink some stuff but it will be much less than you’re going to be used too

Brumation is caused by the shorter days and colder weather

This triggers their body to go into brumation to conserve energy

Preventing Brumation in Bearded Dragons

Preventing it is pretty simple really

keep them away from windows and make sure they stay warm all year round

I’ve had my bearded dragon for 5 years and he’s never entered brumation

I keep him in a well-lit room and the temperature stays consistent

As the wintertime approaches, I am extra careful

It’s not entirely bad if they do enter brumation they will just be slow, tired, and lethargic

White bearded dragon cost

White bearded dragons are a more rare type of bearded dragon

The more rare they are (like anything else) the more it will cost you

You can expect to pay around $500 dollars for this specific bearded dragon morph

Regular bearded dragons will run you around $100 to $150 dollars

Summary of a White bearded dragon morph

White bearded dragons are awesome little guys and they will make a great pet to own

Once you’ve bonded with a bearded dragon they are rewarding to have around

They will eventually trust you so much that they will fall asleep on you

Sometimes bearded dragons like to fall asleep upright so if you’re holding them they may fall asleep in your hands

IF you’re on the fence about getting a bearded dragon i can tell you from first hand experience that they are 100% worth it

They have a bit of a learning curve when you first bring them home but once you have that down pat everything is fine

Good luck on choosing your bearded dragon morph!

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