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Why Is My Leopard Gecko Pale

Is your leopard gecko pale? you’re probably wondering why. Could it be sick?

In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about a pale leopard gecko

A lot of new owners will go looking for a reason as to why their leopard gecko is pale

You might even notice some strange behavior and you might be worried

If you’re really worried you should bring them to your local vet for a checkup to be sure but some of the signs will be in this post

Why is My Leopard Gecko Pale

There are a few reasons right off the bat that your gecko might be pale

The first and most likely reason they are going pale is because of shedding

Shedding takes a lot of energy out of reptiles including leopard geckos

Their outer skin is made up of scales like a lot of other reptiles and they need to shed periodically

Scales are actually essential to the survival of certain reptiles because it provides a protective layer as well as keep them moist

As geckos age, they will shed much less. The same thing goes for bearded dragons as well.

They will start going pale when they’re about to shed

When they are young you might not even notice them change color because they’re shedding once a month

A few days before they physically begin to shed they will turn pale

Is there anything i can do about my gecko going pale

Not really. You must understand that shedding takes a toll on them

shedding costs energy. Knowing this you should expect them to show signs of fatigue as well

During the process, a good thing to do is to make sure they are well-fed

This will help them because they will receive the right amount of nutrients while shedding which is again an intensive process

They will also want to hide away from you and pretty much everyone

They do this because they are vulnerable

Since shedding takes a lot of energy to complete from start to finish they know they are in a weaker state

you might see them try to hide from you in a corner or in a hide you set up

Try to avoid touching them unless they have some stuck shed

Geckos can have some of their shed get stuck and there is a way to help them out

One more thing you can do is dim the lights down for them while they shed

During their shedding process, you should make sure that the humidity levels are nice and high

This will help the shed come off a whole lot easier which will help your gecko’s stress level

You can check the temperature with one of these

leopard gecko pale

it might take your gecko a few days to start acting normal again so don’t be too afraid of their behavior during this time

I own a bearded dragon and a leopard gecko

I was deathly afraid they were going to die when they were first shedding

I was a new owner at the time so I didn’t know any better so I called the vet and they told me to calm down and nothing is wrong at all

Don’t panic as I did and just educate yourself on these creatures

Don’t take the skin out of the enclosure

Leave the skin inside because they will eat it

i know it sounds nasty but they do eat their old skin

I think this is because of old survival needs because their skin is full of nutrients

so they will eat it as nothing should go to waste in the wild

That’s the thing about knowing animals and reptiles is they are programmed to survive

the more you try to mimic their natural environment the more they will thrive

As you add more luxury to their life they will have an easier and better life

The shedding process Should you help your gecko shed?

Honestly, you can and this is totally up to you

Shedding is a crucial thing to their life and they need to be able to do it

now humans like to help and sometimes that can wreck things

I personally used to help my bearded dragon shed as he was having issues which i think was my fault because the humidity was too low in the enclosure

I got things right with my gecko as I did much more research into them

I made sure everything was right and he is able to shed no problem

it will take about a full day for them to shed their skin give or take

if you notice they are having issues you can help them along like this

Put them in a small container with some lukewarm water

Don’t make it too hot because they burn easily

Put them inside the container slowly of course and let them bathe in t

Now when they’re inside the container full of water let them rub against you

sometimes they know they have stuck shed so they will use you as a rubbing post so to speak

The shed will come off nicely

Do not pull it off

this can hurt them so be careful and cautious

The skin near their feet and toes will be hard to get the shed off so you should let them soak in the water if this is a persistent problem

You will know if there is an issue pretty quickly because baby geckos will shed all the time so keep your eyes peeled


Don’t be too worried if your leopard gecko has gone pale

Take a look at the signs we posted above before getting too concerned

Now if they stay pale for an extended period of time I would take them to the vet quickly